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With every New Year comes New Resolutions however I would like to continue with my previous ones which are self-development & finding news ways to protect Mother Earth as its still a work in progress.

A few months back I shared a post on my blog – 5 Simple Lifestyle Changes Which Are Environmental-Friendly as a first step to share and understand your thoughts on this topic as well. I am glad to know that a lot of people are working in this direction and giving their best. A lot of you are choosing organic products or opting for environment-friendly products. However, one question that remained etched in my mind was are we doing enough?

Well, I know we aren’t.

The recent glacier tragedy that stuck Uttarakhand kind of came as a reminder that how the environment is getting affected. Our actions have caused various climatic changes in the past few years which we have witnessed time and again.

The damage we have done needs a lot of continuous, conscious and sincere efforts from our side to show some impact. I believe in the fact that small collective steps will lead to positive results. Positive thoughts lead to good results then why not close our eyes breathe in this thought and pursue our goal in this journey together.

Every time you take any step in saving the environment, message and tag me on social media –

This will be a constant reminder to you that I need to work in this direction. Trust me it will give you a lot of positivity and motivation.

To share with you I have further made some more lifestyle changes. I am using organic products as much as possible and continue with the changes I shared. Home Cleaning products are an integral part of all our lives and I thought I would never be able to replace these chemical-based products with sustainable options well, I am proud to share that I started using Pure Cult range of products for cleansing purposes and Better Home floor and bathroom cleansers for last 2 months and they have been as effective so gradually I would make a complete shift to these.

You can check my review for Pure Cult range –  

Let’s unite on this cause and show some action that will lead to fruitful results.

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  1. There is huge market out there for home cleaners. The best option I have found is Vinegar and Baking Soda. We have been using this mixture for a long time. Haven’t bought any home cleaners in years. I will check Pure Cult and will let my friends in India also know about it.

  2. As you have rightly pointed out, if each one of us make a conscious effort only then can we make a wee bit of difference. We should start with natural products like Pure Cult and say NO to chemicals.

  3. We have to leave the world a better place for the generations to follow. Glad you have taken a step in that direction and are doing your bit to make this world a healthier one. Kudos to you, Manisha.

    1. Absolutely agree with you. If we want our future generations to see the beautiful world we need to preserve it for them as well as us. I believe our sincere efforts will sure results.

  4. Absolutely agree with you Mahek. We need to leave the world atleast a little better for our next generation. I use natural ingredients only in my cleaning. Will check out this brand.

  5. Rightly said. and thanks for introducing these cleaning products to us. As I am someone who is constantly obsessed with cleaning. I would be super proud of myself if I could switched to them

  6. Absolutely true that, Going Organic is the only way to save the environment. I have not heard about Pure Cult earlier, the details you have shared about the cleaner seems extremely promising, will surely check this out.

  7. We need to be mindful about the products we use and the impact on the environment than ever before. I haven’t heard of Pure Cult. It seems worth checking out.

  8. I didn’t know about this cleaner product.. thanks for sharing i just use Vinegar+baking soda combination.. and try to avoid all chemicals

  9. Environment friendly products are great to use. Pure cult is new for me. I will definitely share about this product with my family and friends in India.

  10. This is such an insightful post Mahek. If only each one of us try to be conscious about the products we use, we can save our environment from getting depleted. I shall surely check this brand – Pure Cult, seems like an appropriate solution to clear our clutter and not deplete the environment.

  11. Yes, we need to unite to save our earth. Saving earth is not a one-man task, it should be 1000 hands. But small efforts always give good results, so as you suggested use of eco-friendly products will be a foremost step for a good deed.
    I have heard a lot about this bran, now I will give it a try.

  12. A big yes to anything organic as it is our responsibility to save our planet and this is definitely one of the step to use pure cult for cleaning.

  13. So well said. Just by making small changes in our lives, we can protect the enviornment and leave a better world for our children, which is th eneed of time. I have started using only natural skin care and stopped going to parlours until and unles its a haircut.

  14. This is exactly the kind of articles that need to be written more and more because we need a world habitable enough for the next generation

  15. As a responsible citizen it is our responsibility to make this world a better place to stay. People like you are taking the needed initiative and I congratulate you for that.

  16. I didn’t know about this product. But this seems very promising. And you explain everything very nicely. Thanks for this detailed review.

  17. This product looks really promising. I am always on the hunt for home cleaners that are natural and harmless👍 also it helps if it’s better for the environment

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