5 Simple Lifestyle Changes which are Environmental-Friendly #GoGreen

Nature replenishes itself, that’s what we learned in our school. However, the lifestyle patterns we follow, the increased consumption of natural resources & ever-increasing pollution; we are doing more damage than help our Mother Earth. If we continue at this speed then I feel our future generations will not enjoy the resources we enjoyed.

A lot of people have realised this and are taking healthy steps towards environmental conservation. However, the percentage of these individuals is very less in comparison to the universe. For the past few years, everyone has multiple resolutions; mine is to improve myself and preserve the environment.

In the lockdown phase, many saw the positive results of lesser pollution. Guess everyone remembers the videos of dolphins spotted in Mumbai! If we all start taking some baby steps, I am sure we would be able to bring in bigger changes which are better for all of us. Personally, I am taking smaller steps and making it a part of my lifestyle and then I keep adding more slowly.

I am sharing 5 simple lifestyle changes which easier to incorporate in your life and can be started right away –

Avoiding plastic kitchenware:
  • Whether it’s disposable or non-disposable kitchenware / serve-ware the usage of plastic has been inherent in the past few years. These products have a very limited shelf life and clog our environment. Although plastic can be recycled, the amount of usage is so high that disposal is an issue.
  • We have sustainable options which our grandparents used like stainless steel, glass, and ceramic utensils which are long-lasting and environmental-friendly, much better options than plastic surely.
  • Plastic could be a choice for various reasons like –
keeps contents vacuum-packedyou have glass containers and several new metal jars which do the job much better and last a lifetime.
If we see plastic lunch boxes, for example, the taste of the food is impacted unlike metal or glass boxes where the food taste remains the same and fresh.
for the shapes and designs which appeal to oneselfexplore and you will find sustainable options with an ever-increasing variety and appealing designs.
affordableif you compare the utility and durability of the sustainable options you would find plastic products expensive.
availabilityyes, plastic products are available very easily. Sustainable options are also available easily we just need to take a few steps.

A lot of us are working for using sustainable options, the restaurants and take away places have been working in this direction too. We still have a long road ahead.

For disposal serveware, usage check areca palm products or products made with bagasse which are environmentally safe.

Use Biodegradable Garbage Bags:

Garbage bags are something we are using daily. With the dry and wet segregation, our consumption has only increased. The black plastic garbage bags sold at the signals or various stores again are not completely biodegradable. A lot of brands are available like Big Basket, Mobitrash etc which are 100% biodegradable garbage bags available in different sizes – small, medium and large which should be preferred. These garbage bags are a bit expensive in comparison to the plastic ones but if you see the benefits, they overshadow the price aspect.

Image Credit: Brand Website
Carry Bags / Shopping Bags:

A lot of us have started using the cloth/canvas or jute carry bags for shopping. At most of the departmental stores also these bags are available. However, when we do our vegetable shopping, we often forget carrying cloth bags or we still ask the vendors to add the vegetables and fruits in plastic bags which we then add in our bags.  If we follow this practise we aren’t doing any good as the consumption of plastic bags is still high. Government has bans and regulations in place but somewhere we people aren’t adhering to it. Trust me in long run its for our benefit.

Using organic or natural ingredients-based products:

We can’t avoid chemicals completely there are many who are following a organic route nevertheless I am talking about an average individual. We can, however, make a shift towards organic/natural skin-care products and we would surely gain in many ways.

Disposable Bottles:

We all use disposable bottles but the over consumption of these cause a disposable problem because these are made of plastic. We have started carrying our own bottles whenever we step out. Sometimes, it’s maybe unavoidable but I am sure we can reduce.

These are a few simple steps which would help us in the long run. Many of us would be following these or some may be irregular nonetheless if we start moving in this direction, we would start incorporating a healthier lifestyle for us and the environment.

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  1. We too believe that we shld use as much eco friendly products as possible. We have shifted frm plastic to glass bottles n glass n steel containers for storage.

  2. These simple steps will help us save environment. Saving environment is of utmost importance today because the threshold of pollution has been crossed by humans.

    1. We all should seriously start accepting eco friendly commodity. It is the high time to save the nature. Ban of plastics rule should not be compromised in any way.

  3. This is such an excellent post, will be helpful for many to bring in the lifestyle changes for the good of our environment. We have already included these changes in our life.

  4. Very simple to use steps Manisha! So good to know we’re already following these. Every bit that we can do for the environment counts 🙂

  5. Lovely post, Manisha.

    True, our ancestors knew best about living the sustainable life with reusable & washable stuff. Be it cookware, bags or cutlery.

    I’ve switched to a lot of greener options. I use metal straws, go out with steel spoons or cups too when I expect to eat at a stall. Have also switched to washable pads. Disposable pads a big threat to the environment.

  6. These are really simple yet so effective ways of being an environment friend. I too avoid plastics and as a mandate reuse plastic delivery utencils and carry bags for veggies.

    1. Yes more steps are needed but people need to start thinking in this direction. Climate changes are real and we need a lot of shaking up to do but I find that most of the people are not thinking in that direction.

  7. An excellent post. In spite of environment friendly products out there, people keep adding to the plastic junk. It might take a major shake up to sit up and listen.

  8. Except for the disposable bottles, I’m happy to say I’m doing most of the rest right now. Still, can do more, I feel. Need to, really, don’t we?

  9. I am so glad to read this. I feel the same way about making small changes in my lifestyle with eco-friendly products. If each one of us make even one change conscientiously it would make a big difference.

  10. Time we all come together to teach our children and in the localities we reside the benefits of segregation and also keeping our environment clean. Start small and make a difference.

  11. I’m fully in favor of sustainable living, small changes in our lifestyle can surely bring small but a better change in our environment. Carrying cloth bags, using organic products, carrying own bottle and glass are easily doable things we all should follow and bring in our daily life. Nice post #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #Blogchatter

    1. I agree with you. Once we get in the groove I am sure we all will take more efforts towards sustainable living. Hope more people join the bandwagon.

  12. Little steps that we can do, biodegradable garbage bags, cutting down on plastic containers, carrying our own shopping bags don’t require much effort, surely doable 🙂

  13. Yes indeed taking small steps will help go a long distance in the long run. This a great list Manisha. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve already have implemented a couple of them – using biodegradable trash bags and using shopping bags instead of plastic carry bags.

  14. Making right and informed choices will ensure that we’re preserving our environment for a better tomorrow. I’m following almost all of these.

  15. These are practical tips that anyone can add into their daily routine. It will make a huge difference to the environment. Thanks for sharing them.

  16. Our grandparents used more sustainable materials than we do. The use and throw mentality is just adding up to the junk making it worse than ever. Time to return to our roots.

  17. I really wish that everyone would take these simple steps to help the environment.
    Making informed decisions will ensure that we preserve our environment for a better tomorrow. Almost all of these are being followed by me.

  18. This is such a great article of being aware on how our environment is doing. As I try to personally change my ways of using plastics, I try not to simply throw my plastic wares though just for the sake of changing them to glass wares. Wouldn’t that be a waste too? Rather, I vowed not to buy another plastic ware in the future. I guess this is a better way to transition.

  19. I love posts on Suatainable living and sustainable switches, We do all these infact we don’t use any garbage bag, we used cloth diapers and clothpads, no impulse buying, Using Menstrual cup since 2018, we use only pure cotton or linen clothes, using only handmade toiletries and for home cleaning.

  20. We actually do all of these things—we don’t use waste bags, we use cloth diapers and cloth pads, we don’t shop on impulse, we use menstrual cups since 2018, we only wear 100% cotton or linen clothing, and we only use homemade toiletries and household cleaners.

  21. These are small stones but if everyone starts to follow them it will benefit the environment in such bigger ways. I also follow all of these steps specially not using plastic and carrying cloth bag with always even while buying the vegetables. Great article!

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