A Wake-Up Call…

The glowing sun rays shone on her face bright. Moving her hair aside from her face, she woke up with a glistening smile like always. She embraced the sun rays and the atmosphere around her. “Such a beautiful day,” she said.

She freshened up and saw herself in the mirror. Her weary eyes and exhausted body could not match her positive enthusiasm.


Mirror: Good Morning Lady in Blue, how are you doing today?

Lady in Blue: Just like every day fresh and kicking.

In her deep blue eyes, you could see the era gone by. Her unimaginable beauty makes you think if anyone can be as alluring as her. She kept staring at the mirror as if it’s a crystal ball where she is visualising her life gone by.

Mirror: What are you seeing today, Oh Lady?

Lady in Blue: She said,

When I was born, I was alone,

I had so much to give but no one to receive.


Everything around me was charming, untouched and pure,

Yet my heart craved for a family to share the love.


A woman loves to nurture,

So, God blessed me with children.


I fulfilled all their needs independently, caressed them and held them close to my bosom,

And, they loved me back with all their heart.


Things were smooth,

From a few children to communities,

I was surrounded by them across,

Never distress I had seen.


As the tally rose year on year,

In came a pool of thoughts, beliefs and practices,

Change is inevitable as I know,

Slowly, they forgot to love.


The Woman that I am,

Marvellous and Strong,

Fierce yet caring,

Independent filled with the treasure of love,

I broke with the ever-increasing differences between my children.


They fought, they killed,

Their eyes were full of deceit,

My own took away my own.


I swelled with anger within,

My heart cried in agony,

My eyes shed tears of blood,

My children worried no more.


The Woman that I Am,

Having patience galore,

Will bolster you till I can,

Beware my children,

If I unleash my wrath on you,

You won’t withstand I swear.


Mirror: Oh, Mother Earth calm down your stare. I understand you are hurt but you are not in despair. As they are your children, they will realise your worth. For now, I wish to see your magical smile again.

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This Women’s Day I wish that we all take a pause and see what our Mother Earth has given us. A Woman without whom we won’t survive a second and think back what are we doing to her. We are her children and we are here to spread love and get loved.

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  1. Beautifully written article. We need to take care of mother earth. We humans are being cruel to our Earth. We need to understand this that it is the only planet in our solar system on which life exists with incredible biodiversity.

    1. Oh I have never seen mother earth as a woman actually speaking. Good you have made us realize that we need to care for her first on woman’s Day!

  2. That’s thought provoking read to keep us motivated and love our mother earth. LET’S respect and care our nature and environment

  3. This was amazing, I never thought of it this way. Ok! firstly, happy women’s day to mother earth. We are greatly consuming and destroying our mother earth despite getting so many wake up calls. Humanity got to take the different route and preserve our planet.

  4. What a lovely thought behind this post. Absolutely needed that we respect and love Mother Nature.

  5. So Beautifully written. without her we won’t exist so we have to take care of our mother nature. the only thing beautiful in this world is nature and we are destroying it.

      1. Beautiful written article. We all need to take care of earth.

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