Looking for a Romantic Periodic Drama Watch “It Happened In Calcutta” on #ZEE5…

If you have been following my blog then you know I love watching series instead of TV because the content is much better and finite. My choice has been a mix of comedy, romantic, thriller or sci-fi series depending on my mood. While surfing for a romantic series I came across “It Happened In Calcutta” on ZEE5.

The reason I stopped my search on this series was it was a romantic periodic drama set in the era of 60s and 70s, the times of war, epidemic and political unrest, a glimpse of the times gone by with a lot of romance. I binged watch this one.

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What’s the storyline?

The basic storyline is common – a rich casanova who falls for every good-looking girl and a sweet gullible damsel who falls for this guy. However, what sets this series apart is the era in which the story is set in, the characters and their situations.

The story is woven during the times of war, political unrest and epidemic and how the lives of the lead characters Ronobir Chatterjee (Karan Kundrra) and Kusum (Naghma Rizwan) is intertwined in this scenario, is what you should look out for.

As said by the protagonist – “Fairytales, pariyon ka ek aisa jaal joh har ladki ko sapne dikhata hai aur har ladki is sapne ko pura karne mein lage rehte hai,” being a romantic by heart I so feel these words. We may or may not show however every heart longs for someone special, so to know whether the fairytale of Kusum (Naghma Rizwan) is fulfilled or not you have to watch this one.


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Source: An OTT Platform ZEE5.com

Why watch this one?


To know how it ended –

Whenever I begin a romantic film or series my heart wishes that in the end, the characters should be together, it may sound cliché but we all want happiness and look for it around us in everything. Watching the promo got me so attracted that I wanted to know whether the characters survive the twists and turns and emerge a winner.


The characters –

Karan Kundrra started his career from the Indian soap ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai,’ and his charming personality makes a perfect fit for the character of Ronobir Chatterjee. He portrays the different shades of the character pretty well.

On the other hand, the female actor Naghma Rizwan (Kusum) is fresh. I am watching her for the first time. She lives her character of Kusum, an average looking nerd girl who has her goals set but like any other girl is waiting for her prince charming. I must say I am impressed with her. I would look forward to watching her in future as well.


Background Score –

The lyrics and the tune, “🎵Dua ban ja, dawa ban ja, mohabbat mein mujh ko fana kar ja 🎵 is the kind of love our we all long for, right?” is stuck in my head after watching the series.

You can check a YouTube Video with the song here –

Unravel the ups and downs that affected the everlasting love of Ronobir and Kusum.

  • whether destiny has supported or played a spoilt sport,
  • whether the circumstances, the unrest and wartimes overpower the love of two lovers,
  • whether true love goes beyond looks and time,
  • You can know by watching this series 😊

As they say, ’this leap year, take a leap of faith and tie-in to a once in a lifetime story of love that is far beyond the usual – It Happened In Calcutta


  1. Wow Hindi series also has songs now? Hahaha! But now a days I’m watching everything and forwarding the songs.

  2. The way you have reviewed it ; you have already got me hooked; i love watching series & especially a time set one! Watching this for sure

  3. I just watched the first episode of this series and I am very impressed with the Actress playing Kusum, she looks very promising and so does the story.

  4. I am currently watching this. Someone suggested me to watch this. I will share my review on this once I finished watching this

  5. Zee 5 never disaster me. I love most of the series on this app. I am definitely watching this romantic drama.

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