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Hello Friends,
After a brief hiatus, I am here to share which series has kept me glued to the television. The series I have been watching has been a fusion of a lot of science fiction, thrillers, political dramas, sports drama with a dose of comedy. I have a lot to share this time so without further ado, let’s get started.

Since I have been writing on this for about 2 years now I thought let’s add ratings to the series I have watched to give you more clarity on how has that particular series impressed me.

Here is the Impress Meter🌡

  •   Dekhna toh Banta hai Boss
  •  – Tadka kaam par chalta hai
  •  – Timepass ke liyeh
  •  – Dekho apne risk pe
  •  – Velle logon ke liyeh



🗽 Designated SurvivorAmerican political thriller drama series

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 1

Does life change within 24 hrs, well yes it does right sometimes? Thomas Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) who is the U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to President of the United States suddenly has to arise to the position of President of the United States after an explosion kills everyone ahead of him in the presidential line of succession thus making him the designated survivor. An inexperienced Kirkman who is honest and good man, will he survive this challenge or will he get succumbed to the pressures of the job is something we have to watch out the series for. 

🤓What to watch for: Kiefer Sutherland does justice to the character. His team and their camaraderie are worth a watch. I sincerely feel they could have shortened the series and made it crisp.
💻 Where to watch: Netflix                                                                                                              ✨ Rating:

🤓 What to watch for: All character stand out in their own way but my personal favorite is Harvey Spectar what a character, a performance I feel of a lifetime. With the final season running currently I will surely miss Harvey and Donna.
💻 Where to watch: Amazon Prime or Netflix                                                       Rating



💣 The Family ManIndian TV series

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 2

The Family Man is an uptight Indian Action Drama. Srikanth Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) who is secretly working for TASC, a branch of National Investigation Agency. He is a middle-class man who is managing a family of 2 kids with his wife. As a family, they have their share of demands while the call of duty can’t be ignored because it’s about the country and every step is impactful. Manoj Bajpayee is the best choice for the role of Srikanth. I feel this series really stands out in all aspects – storyline, characters, sound and background effects in short a complete package.

🤓What to watch for: The crisp and genuine storyline.
💻 Where to watch: Amazon Prime                                                                                                ✨ Rating:



🤡 The Big Bang Theory Sitcom

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 3

I think most of us would be aware of this series. You can now watch the complete season on both Amazon Prime and Netflix. This one is a laugh riot and you can’t have enough of it. You will find all kind of characters in this zoo and they will only make you laugh, laugh and more laugh. I read in an article that Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) is trying to revive this for another season, fingers crossed hoping it happens.

🤓What to watch for: Light-hearted comedy for all ages.
💻 Where to watch: Amazon Prime and Netflix                                                                              ✨ Rating:



🛫 Lost American Drama television series

This one has elements of mystery, science fiction, supernatural with lots of drama. Over a span of 121 episodes and six seasons you will have a love and hate relation with this series. A flight which mysteriously lands on an island which is not on the radar of any country, this series is about the survival of the 80+ passengers on this island. Enroute this journey there are a lot of twists and turns which keep you hooked to this one. You will fall in love with the characters. It starts on a very high note, it gets a bit dragged towards the end however picks up again.

🤓What to watch for: Watch for the science fiction and supernatural elements in the series really adds spice to the series.
💻 Where to watch: Netflix                                                                                                           ✨ Rating:



🛸The Crossing American science fiction thriller series

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 5

People have been washed away near Ucluelet on Vancouver Island mysteriously. First, these people are taken care of and later it been understood that these are Americans however from the future and they have time travelled to save their lives in the future. Who are these people running from and do they have any chance of survival in the present times forms the premise of the series.

🤓What to watch for: They could have built the story in a much better way I would say.
💻 Where to watch: Amazon Prime                                                                                                ✨ Rating:


The Last Ship American action-drama television series

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 6

80% of the world’s population is wiped out due to global viral pandemic, there is chaos everywhere. Amidst these trying times, a scientist has been asked to find a cure to this virus and save as many as possible. A ship is commissioned to serve this purpose however the people aboard don’t have any clue that they are on a mission to save the world. During the course, the crew discover, they have their reservations however they overcome the fear and embark the adventure to save the world. In their course they fight a virus which infects humans then they are faced with another one which wipes out the foodstuff and finally a computer virus.

🤓What to watch for: The fervour of the crew of the ship, you feel a part of this fight for survival.
💻 Where to watch: Amazon Prime                                                                                                ✨ Rating:



Locke and Key American supernatural horror drama

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 7

This series is based on the comic book series of the same name by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez. A wife who has recently lost her husband goes to live with her kids and brother-in-law to her husband’s ancestral house. The kids find out various keys which have different powers along with various mysteries about their father. The initial pace is a bit slow but the story picks up. Its a decent watch. Netflix has renewed the series for another Season announced on 30th 2020 so look forward to another season with a more interesting storyline.

🤓What to watch for: Mystery element
💻 Where to watch: Netflix                                                                                                           ✨ Rating:



👽 October Faction American supernatural  drama

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 8.2

We all are fascinated by the aliens or people from another planet, are these people friends or foe we cant judge from the looks. Fred and Deloris Allen are part of a special team which hunt monsters throughout the world, they are back to their hometown after a long gap. Their children aren’t aware of their work so what happens when they face the truths about their families. There are a lot of secrets waiting to be revealed in this series, the only drawback is the initial 50% of the show I really found going at a very slow pace. The story becomes interesting in the last few episodes.

🤓What to watch for: The pace of the show could have been much better to improve the storyline.
💻 Where to watch: Netflix                                                                                                           ✨ Rating:


🤯 I Am Not Okay with This  American drama

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 9

This one needs to binged watch, overall there are just 7 episodes and each episode has a run time of 20-25 mins. Sydney (Sophia Lillis) has a lot of unanswered questions around her father’s suicide in her mind, she is a loner with just one best friend. All of a sudden she realises she has telekinetic powers to add to her already messed up mind, how she handles her life with all this is what this series.

🤓What to watch for: Its a refreshing watch with a good storyline.
💻 Where to watch: Netflix                                                                                                           ✨ Rating:



💊 Limitless    American science fiction thriller

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 10

Brian Finch who is struggling in his life is suddenly faced with a situation about his father while resolving that he gets to know about a nootropic drug – NZT which enhances the mental thinking capacity multifold. Having that pill makes gets him a job as an FBI Consultant and how he resolves various cases along with his life problems is all that this one is about.

🤓What to watch for: The storyline and how Finch’s abilities help in solving the cases makes it worth a watch.
💻 Where to watch: Netflix                                                                                                           ✨ Rating:




👹 Stranger Things    American science fiction

Blog 300 - Some Web Series-Shows to Watch - 11

Man has many abilities however his quest for parallel worlds and trying to gain superpower abilities can do harm more than gain. A mystery around a missing boy reveals the strange experiments happening in a laboratory in the town of Hawkins, supernatural forces from another dimension create havoc in the life of the people and how one strange little girl is the saviour in all this.

🤓What to watch for: The kids steal the limelight, totally love their bonding
💻 Where to watch: Netflix                                                                                                             ✨ Rating:



From the Previous Series:

  • Manifest Season 2 – ⭐ – The mysterious callings only increase. the angle of Al Zuras further intensifies the supernatural aspect. Will the passengers survive the dead date only the next season will spell out the details.
  • God Friended Me Season 2 – – The God Account continues to send more friend suggestions however, who is behind the account is still the big question. I feel this series has a lot of positive vibes.
  • Inside Edge Season 2 –  – This Indian drama based on the cricket, sport which is the love of most of the Indians keeps you entertained with elements of sports and politics.
  • Money Heist Season 4 – – The Professor and his Gang keep you to the edge and the heist continues, you can’t miss this one for sure.


Look forward to hearing your views if you have watched any of these or what are your picks from the list 🙂


Pics Credit: Pixabay & Google



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  1. Quite a list Mahek! I enjoyed watching Family Man and right now on Panchayat. I suggest Pushpavali, Jamtara, Easy and The Society as great watch.

  2. Ah I had started watching big bang and family man. I never got around watching all the seasons and episodes.

  3. Im in love with Family Man ; lost; Bigbang… now looking forward to watching the rest of your recommendations, definitely keeping your meter in mind!

  4. IveI watched most of them. I think you must add “Asur” in your list . I’ve finished it last week. A much watch. Right now watching Panchayat. Thanks for sharing. Waiting for the next season of stranger things.

  5. I have watched all 5 star rating show from your list. Your rating is also good. Interesting list though. ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘made in heaven’ is also good.

  6. I have already watched few of them. I am excited to watch lock key. Its trailer is intriguing.

  7. Nice collection and most of all intresting variety here of different things which is what I enjoyed. I revisited the BBT after ages and sheldon is the man always. Also just watched a rerun KKHH with my mum. Was fun

  8. The best timepass during this lockdown is to watch great shows.

    Your list has given me so many great options that I won’t worry anymore about sitting at home.

  9. I have seen all but I’ve been watching stranger things and locke and key. Others I have already seen. These are really good recommendations though.

  10. I want to watch lost and the last ship after I finish watching stranger things. I am almost done with stranger things. Thanks for compiling and sharing the list with us.

  11. Quite a list I can say. Though I have not watched any of them as these days I m more into Japanese and Turkish series but I will surely watch these as I am a great time season lover .

  12. Wow. What an extensive list. I liked Limitless more in the movie. Also some shows are on my watch list too. Recently I finished watching my favorite show “The 100”. If you haven’t watched it, do check it out.

    1. Seen Family man and i like the series. Thank you for the more good suggestions.

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