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The definition of home would be different for everyone but it is one place that reflects your persona. So, right from choosing the place you want to live to setting it up as per your vision is a very crucial and vital process for anyone.

Amchi Mumbai as we lovingly call the city where I reside, a dream city for many, finding a place that you can call your home is a big challenge here. The next most tedious part of this challenge is to fulfill your desires of the dream house you envision to the matchbox spaces you live in. Well, every coin has two sides so with such roadblocks you learn to manoeuvre the situation with your creative skills. Secondly, affordability does play an important role when it comes to home décor because its not a necessity.

I love handicrafts so when you come to my place you will find loads of such stuff collected over a while. I call it my treasure which is precious to me and I keep investing in this one. I recently brought few products for which I would like to share my experience before that I would like to share a few of my buying tips –

  • Paint the walls in light and neutral shades: This helps in giving a better-illuminated look to the house. Also, it accentuates your home décor styles.
  • Let the sunshine at your home: Sunlight gives a very positive feel to your home, it’s the best highlighter for your home.
  • Ample lighting effects: You need lights for overall illumination while some of your lights help enhance the look of your décor. Both are equally important.
  • Play with mirrors: The mirror reflects light and gives a spacious feel to your rooms. Use them well and keep in mind their correct placement is essential as the wrong one can have the opposite reaction. Like a mirror placed band opposite the window may reflect the light back outside.
  • Spice up your walls with various artwork forms: Use different décor ideas to add beauty to the walls of your home. However, keep in mind these need to be at an eye level so it’s easier for one to see them.

Recently I purchased few home décor pieces from my favorite online store Exclusive Lane.

Read more about my experience with this brand here

I have been purchasing from this brand for more than 5 years. I have picked up products for myself, family & friends and always got that “wow” reaction. The quality and designs stand out and it gives a very unique feel to your home. They have a variety suiting to all your needs for décor, dining and many more with various price brackets to suit your pockets as well.

My first purchase was this beautiful – ‘Birds On Branch Handcrafted Wall Sconce Tea Light Holder In Iron With Glass Holders.’

Such wall accents have become quite a popular choice in recent times so I wanted to give it a shot. This was a simple bird on a branch wall accent in matte finish with votive glass holders for candles. I would be honest I wasn’t sure how it will turn out however I wasn’t disappointed at all. The simple décor piece enhances the look of your wall as soon as you put it. With candles in the night, the beauty is for your eye to see.

Next was this – ‘Gayatri Mantra Terracotta Wall Hanging.’

I wanted something like this for a long time to keep near the entrance of my living room, it gives a very positive vibe. This one has vibrant colours and I instantly connected with this. Loved it! It’s terracotta based and hand-painted.

Last but not the least I brought this – ‘The Shimmery Mughal Jali’ Hand Carved Table Tea-Light Holder In Soapstone.’

I had a similar candle holder but it broke. Whenever you light a candle in such a wonderful carved jali pattern tea light holder you see the beauty of light and so I did not think twice and got myself this one. I light a candle and sit admiring the beauty of light, it feels great.

These were some of my purchases and all these products are under Rs. 1000 which was a steal deal. If you have tried products from this website then do share your experience or if you love handicrafts like me then go check their products.

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  1. These are really good home decor ideas. I really liked the Gayatri Mantra terrracota wall hanging and the Mughal Jali. Gives such a surreal aura to the room.

  2. Home decoration to me is a form of art and very few know it. Those who understand the real essence of home decoration they can turn even a small room into heaven.

  3. All these home decor ideas are amazing.. I really like your light lamp. It’s so beautiful. Thanks for all these ideas.

  4. In today’s world, where we are aiming for sustainable living, this is really something we should be aware of. Very nice ideas.

  5. Really nice and unique ideas for home decor. I really liked the tea light holder with jaali. I gives a very royal look

  6. This is so good! I loved your tips and I was nodding along while reading it. We just had our house renovated and these are the few things I “demanded” of my father. Neutral colors, light entering the room and mirrors! I love terracota wall hangings and have purchased a few of Exclusivelane products myself. I can vouch for them with my eyes closed. 🙂

  7. I love that eye catching wall accent and the mughal jaali! Thank you for introducing us to a new place to shop awesome products from.

  8. I too love home decor. And, I really loved these little things which you have added to your house. I would definitely check out this store 🙂 Thanks!

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