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India is unique in many ways; her rich cultural diversity is an outlet of so many vivid artforms. As a travel enthusiast, I was lucky enough to meet a few artisans and interact with them and learn more about their art.

My fascination for different artwork doesn’t limit here, I love to collect different products made by these artisans for myself, family and friends. I feel by purchasing such products I am not only helping in keeping these alluring art-forms alive but also it enhances the beauty of my home. I have sourced some wonderful handicrafts from both online and offline stores. Offline stores mostly have been from the artisans directly and online my favorite store has been “Exclusive Lane“. I have been using their products personally for more than 5 years now and I simply love them.

Why did I purchase from Exclusive Lane?

I feel the products stand out in terms of quality and the designs stand out. I have been using them for last 5 years so I can pretty much vouch for it. They launch new collections from time to time which always has something new to offer for the consumers.

Some ideas from my Kitchen

One product which I always purchase from Exclusive Lane is cups, they have plethora of options for us. Each product is uncommon and leaves us with a difficult choice to select which one to buy.

Check out these beautiful cups from their collection – Collection in Sand.

These cups in a set of 6, have a monochromatic look with some detailing at the rim. The Warli art has been depicted very well with traditional motifs of men and women playing instruments and coming together as a community to rejoice.

Next, I brought these dual glazed ceramic cups which are tea and coffee mugs however, we use it for our milkshakes and desserts too.

This creation is of Alam Ansari, a studio pottery, whose diligent works reflects in the product. In his own words – “the Sun and Moon are like his own daughters, Saina and Meera, intermingling and fighting with each other, but also loving and caring at the same time.”  This led to the creation of this collection inspired by Sun and Moon deities.

My recent purchase has been this crimson triangular hand glazed studio serving platter. This collection has been inspired by the exquisite volcanoes of the islands of Andaman, ‘Splashes of Black & Crimson: A Volcanic Story.’

I have got multiple compliments from friends and family whenever they see these products and the next question is from where and how did you purchase these products, my simple answer is to head to Exclusive Lane website here.

About the Brand – Exclusive Lane

The brand was born for the sheer love of handicraft products. The philosophy of the brand is to procure handicrafts directly from the rural artisans from different parts of the country offering them a platform to showcase their talent and open doors for them to the global consumers who love such products. It not only helps in keeping traditional art-forms alive but also direct procurement helps the consumers with affordable pricing.

Artisans speak…

What kind of products does Exclusive Lane offer?

The brand offers a wide variety of product categories like Home Decor, Kitchen and Dining, Lighting, Gardening and Jewelry. Personally, I have purchased home decor and kitchen and dining products from the brand.

Some of the collections they have…


  1. I have never heard of Exclusive Lane but I will now look them up for the lovely handicraft products alone! I am all for supporting local artisans in our country 🙂

    1. Products indeed are unique and beautiful. In any case I feel we should always promote our artwork which is unique in our country. 😊

  2. I’ve seen the products of this brand and irs very cool and brings a focus to crafts and details to the local community

  3. You have definitely picked the best products for your kitchen I loved it will definitely check their page .

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