Our Journey Begins… (I)

All set, I was at the gate at 7.25 am. Still with the hangover of the dream and I did not even ping Rekha to ask where is she.

I know it’s not her fault, just did not feel like it.

Rekha and Arnav both walked in by 7.30 am. With a brief introduction. We took the auto.

Awkward silent vibes were flowing through. We reached the station and boarded our train in the general compartment. Luckily, we got a place to sit. Rekha was in her own world.

Arnav looking at me, as if asking me to speak something.

“All set for today” breaking the silence, finally I think I just heard his silent request.

He smiled as if his wish was fulfilled. “Ya, just that initial anxiety you know. Had worked there for 2 years and was my first job. Hope things go well.”

“It will,” I said.

“I am with you” these words echoed in my heart.

We both smiled.

Our eyes missing each other frequently.

“So, what’s the new profile all about?? What’s your new role??” Keeping the conversation alive.

“Like I shared the other day I am a software engineer. My earlier organisation was pretty small so was working into multiple stuff. Here would be doing more project management. It’s a managerial position. Excited and anxious,” he smiled

“Wow sounds good. All the best, you will rock the show,” thinking what did I just say.

Rekha was busy with her WhatsApp. I did not care much.

“We have a small snack party tomorrow, it’s Friendship’s Day,” I said. I was actually wondering what the hell am I doing. I just say random things these days.

“That’s good. Hope my new workplace is as exciting as yours” he said.

“That’s with a couple of colleagues, not at office per se, I replied back.

Our station was about to come and I soo wanted this journey to continue.

The train halted we got down. Rekha was occupied with her phone, some formalities with the new office. We walked to the rickshaw stand.

“Priya” he broke the silence this time.

“Please take my number otherwise how will we keep in touch for the evening”

We exchanged numbers!

“See you in the evening, good luck once again,” I said.

“Thanks, buddy, means a lot. I am glad about the new office and I have got new friends too,” he replied back with a big grin on his face.

Rekha was so busy with her phone, ambiguous of our discussion.

We started walking our paths, Rekha behind me once she realised that our talk was over. So, like the films, we did have our palat movement when we just spoke with our eyes and smiled at each other.

There was a sudden rush of positive vibes running in my brain. The same old routine looked more exciting. I was looking forward to finishing my day, my heart was eagerly awaiting when the clock would strike 5.30 pm. I never felt like this before, I had friends, met so many people, this was unique and a wonderful feeling.

“It’s for some other day to think, what’s going on inside me,” I said to myself. Plus, it’s too early to comment on anything right now. Before I completed my office knocked right in front of my eyes and the to-do list for the day broke my dreamy state and brought nightmares of reality in front of me.

I rushed to my desk, with a garam chai as company began my work like a machine.

Rekha got busy completing her formalities as next Friday was her last day. Exactly a week to go now.

We are planning a farewell party for her next Friday, dinner at her favourite joint. There will be the usual gossip and fun. Being on the business side of any FMCG company has its perks – you get to meet so many people and if you like going out then dinners and parties are a common culture. For me, it was always working which took priority. Money mattered, it’s needed to manage our lives, however, a balance meant a lot to me. My space was integral to me. I liked to do things my way. Having fun meant just living the moment without any other thoughts. The office was a part of my lifestyle but not a representation of me. There is certainly a lot more to me.

I sometimes go into my random thoughts; I feel it’s my brain’s way of giving me a break. When I focus on my work, I get so engrossed sometimes I am completely unaware of what’s happening around me. These random thoughts break my momentum.

Getting back to work, my calendar is getting choc-o-bloc with 3 client meetings. My presentation has got preponed which implies this weekend also goes Svāhā in office work. Uff!

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is my attempt to writing fiction, something I have been meaning to write & complete from a long time.

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