Our Journey Begins… (II)

Lunch was a quickie with so much in hand.

As soon as I reached my desk, the phone was buzzing and it was my boss.

“Come in, Priya, there is a lot to discuss and finalise. Hope you have seen the Lakme presentation has been preponed for Wednesday. Tuesday, we have to go to another client we have been trying to get his business for a long time, its time we get results of our chase. Thursday I am not coming with you, so need to discuss few pointers about the client. We need to finalise a lot of things come in fast,” said my boss.

There is a great quality of bosses, they just pick the day where you have all the work lined up to finish your work to discuss more work.

With an irritated face, I picked my diary and rushed inside his cabin.

Once inside, I always wear my smile like make-up something that naturally comes to me. It helps me overcome my irritations and take on the upcoming stuff. We had a small discussion of just about 2 hrs when I came outside my clock was showing 4.30 pm. All the pending and new work was mocking at my face and the clock was just on the other side today. Hmm!!

I messaged Arnav that I won’t be able to make it in the evening, will meet him tomorrow. Rekha already messaged me she had other plans so she is leaving early and tomorrow she would call in sick leave, perks of resigning.

I was really fried in my head; I was looking forward to the evening and right now I have just piles of work lined up. I took a break went and had a cup of garam chai with some snacks. I had to do it, so there is no running from it, lets get into it. I went into my focus zone, oblivious to the fact that most of the people had left for the day. It’s a Friday and everyone has plans. I did not realise and as it is had lots to finish over the weekend also.

Ravi came with a cup of tea and asked me, “Mam I saw you in the office and brought your favourite masala chai.”

Thanks so much, Ravi, you are always a saviour. You have come means its past 7 pm in the evening. Thanking him again I got back to work.

“Finally, I exclaimed I am done.” I finished all the to-do lists I had to do for today and mailed what my boss needed. I can work peacefully on the weekend for the presentation, it’s not much because I always work in advance, however, I like to be thorough with my work.

With a relaxed smile, I switched off my laptop and got ready to leave. On the way to the station, I finally checked my mobile to see 2 missed calls from home and few messages from Arnav. Living alone in a city away from family for work has its own charm but I miss going back to the family. First, I gave a call back home, saying due to work missed the call. I generally have the habit of keeping my mobile silent when I have tons of work so I can focus.

Before, I could check Arnav’s message I got a call. “Hi, hope you reached home? he asked in a concerned voice.

“No, just on the way to the station, had a lot of work and carrying a laptop to work on the weekend.”

“Ok, hope not much, do take some rest also. You have to go to work tomorrow?” he asked from the other side.

“No,” I said. Wait, in the whole workload, I knew it was Friday but forgot the fact that since it’s the weekend means I won’t be able to meet Arnav for the next 2 days again.

“Great, I have an off too. 5 days working. That’s a great part of working in FMCG companies, in my earlier organisation we had alternate Saturdays off which was tiresome. Reach home and give me a message, you did not check my messages, was worried for you so gave you a call. Travel safely. If you want can give you company on a call while travelling back on the train. Travelling at 11.30 sometimes in empty trains can be a bit scary.”

I did not know what to say, but travelling on empty trains really gives a lonely feeling. I said, “will just get down and call you once on the train.”

Once on the train, I tried calling but the network wasn’t on my side. I opened my WhatsApp checked Arnav’s message. He had messaged me, “reached home. hope you leave early. Do message. Take care.”

I replied, “unable to call due to bad network, got the train, thanks for asking.”

He gave me company on WhatsApp by asking me where I had reached every few mins. I got down took a rick and got home. Messaged him back. Again, a Maggi in making for dinner and I slept like a baby.

The morning sun shone brightly on my face and woke up. I was so tired I did not wake up even once in the night. Made tea and checked my mobile, only to see a message from Arnav which just made my day.

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is my attempt to writing fiction, something I have been meaning to write & complete from a long time.

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