That can’t be true

With a special feeling. Got back home. I was just smiling throughout like a silly girl. Reached home and got to bed.

“Oh, it’s 6.30am, I need to rush. Arnav will be here by 7.30. I had messaged Rekha, hope she is on time too.”

All set for the day. I get ready and rush down.

“It’s dot 7.30am. Thank God”

“Good morning Priya, so whom are we going with?? Who is this person?? You never mentioned it earlier anytime.”

“Hold your guns, met him a few days back while travelling back home when I was sitting back late. Met him again yesterday so we just casually decided to travel together since the route is the same, nothing else.”

“Hmm, ok. Where is he?”

“Look there… he is coming”

“Hello, Good Morning. Sorry for keeping you all wait. Was trying to find a rickshaw to save time, I guess bad luck.”

So, we get into finding a rick for ourselves then head to the station. We work so we have to be on time in the office.

By the way, the introduction happened in the rick between Arnav and Rekha.

(On the train)

“So Rekha, what do you do?”

And the get to know each other started between them. I was suddenly feeling let down. The smile vanished.

“It’s good that they are trying to know each other. But wasn’t this trip between Priya and Arnav. Where is Priya on this trip?? Why am I feeling so insecure?? I was hating Rekha in the spur of the moment. Why the hell is he so much interested in Rekha and not me” all these thoughts added fuel to my disheartened heart.

They just went on talking like I was invisible. Priya doesn’t exist. Arnav was still new but even for Rekha?

We were good friends, I thought.

“Was Arnav using me to know Rekha?”, a girl can go to any heights in thinking when nothing is going as per her wish. Who knows, could be true.

“What’s your number, Rekha? We can be in touch. I know you are shifting office; we can be connected. We have so much in common between us. I think we could be good friends, what say?”

Those words ruined my day. My thoughts were coming true.

The Alarm rang…

“Oh, it was a dream”

I pinched myself.

“Yes… yes, it’s a dream. It’s a dream”

I can’t express my happiness.

I think it was one of my best smiles ever.

Get up and get ready, we have to go…

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is my attempt to writing fiction, something I have been meaning to write & complete from a long time.


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