The Beginning…

Reached home and the routine continued. There was a project deadline so 2 – 3 days just flew by and today felt relieved it’s over. Yes, it’s finally done and over with.

Thought let’s go out for a pizza for dinner, I deserve it. Rekha had left long back because of my workload I had to stay back. Sitting alone, just thought of Arnav. Not seen him it’s been around 10 days. Maybe he might have left the organisation or just not keeping well…

I enjoyed my Pizza alone without sharing and started to walk back home. The joint was 15m away.

As I begin to walk…

“Hey Priya, how have you been doing”

“Did I hear my name??”


“Hey, what a pleasant surprise Arnav. I am doing good. How are you?? Meeting you after that day” trying to control my excitement inside.

“Ya… Actually, had gone to meet my parents was on leave. Tomorrow joining a new place. Actually, I stay nearby just saw you walking by”

“What?” I exclaimed. “I mean you left your office?” I don’t know why my heart sank at that thought. I can’t see him ever. Why? It’s happening to me. What’s wrong.

“I mean why did you leave the office? Got into a better place? What a coincidence I also stay nearby.”

“Ya,” Arnav said. “Actually just 2 buildings away is my new job. I am joining from tomorrow. Everything remains the same, just the same place. They have the same work timings so same routine. That made me a bit comfortable as well.”

“Those words gave some solace to my sinking heart”

“So where do you stay Priya?” asked Arnav


“Ahh, that’s just 5m away from my place. I am at Sai Heights. Strange we came together in train but never realised”

I was actually much relaxed now. The office has changed not the journey and we stay close-by. That’s so awesome.

“What are you thinking, madam?”

“Nothing didn’t realise we stay so close-by. What are your travelling times? I generally travel with Rekha but she is also leaving the office. Next week is her last. She stays in the same building but now her office is at a different location”

I just did not know, why and what I said. Rekha actually is shifting job to another place but did not know why I shared all with Arnav. Why was I feeling so happy with the coincidence of meeting and then staying so close by? So many questions are unanswered.

“Where are you getting lost in between, hope nothing is troubling you?”

“Nothing… just like that”

“I generally leave by 7.30 for the station. I can understand travelling long distances alone can become boring at times. Though I travel alone, it hits me too.”

We both smiled and the moment just paused.

“I am happy your umbrella did not open that day. I got to meet a new friend. See you at 7.30 at your gate.”

I smiled. Could not contain my happiness. Yes, I was happy at that thought.

“And yes, don’t forget to inform Rekha. See you tomorrow. Good night and Take Care.”

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is my attempt to writing fiction, something I have been meaning to write & complete from a long time.


  1. Mehak, I came here after long and got to read this beautiful story. And the perfume of love flowing and would love to read it all. Compelling and simple chapter tapping into human emotions against the backdrop of a city life.

  2. Interesting story. You have written it every well. I am going to now go and read the first part so that I can follow the series.

  3. After reading this part, I went back to read the Part 1 and then I clicked on the next hoping to read the next part but it’s not there yet. Your story build up is quite interesting, can’t wait to read the next part.

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