WOW: “The Empty Train”

“It’s been pouring like nobody’s business.

Season is ending still, this thundering and lightening.
Will it rain till Diwali…?
Anyways; Thank God I carried my umbrella!
Why did I stuff my purse?
It’s already 12.00 am, hope I get home soon and hope there are some people in the train. Rekha also went early…
I am hungry… I think, aaj bhi maggi, I am so tired and drained. I don’t think anyone climbing from here with me, I’m all alone”

So many thoughts rolling in my mind. Most of the times, a girl, has many continuous things going on, in her head.

Waiting at that odd hour, lesser people, long hectic day at work and most importantly my hunger kept my irritation mode fluctuating.

“Finally, I see it coming” with the glittering hope in my eyes.

“Please please please there are people…”

The train arrives.

“So easy to climb at this point of time, at least a big relief from the pain of climbing at peak hours…

Can’t see anyone… just no one in the compartment…

Should I get down?

Heart is beating at horsepower of more than 1000, don’t know…

When will I get home otherwise???

Damn the train started”

My anxiety pangs went up with starting of the train. I was all alone in the compartment.

No wait! On checking couldn’t see anyone. I was on an Empty Train, just no one around. Completely alone.
The weather added to the horror feeling. All the criminal movies and serials coming alive in front of my eyes.
I started to curse myself for waiting back in office to complete my work. I wanted to rest on weekend and was not in a mood to carry my laptop.


“Rekha told me before leaving, go home and work. Come along with me, its pouring cats and dogs you will have problem traveling back…

Such a stubborn, stupid dumb head I am…

Now where should I sit?
Near window, it’s raining and water and not safe maybe… towards inside. Where should i sit?
Where to keep an eye?
Should I stand? Is that better? I can quickly help myself in emergency.
Do I have my nail filer, can use it as protection? “

Found a paper cutter don’t remember how it’s found its way in my bag. Anyways was happy to have something. Slowly trying to relax my nerves, I stood near the door. Being vigilant just focused on the cool breeze. Lightening glowed in the between the dark skies with thundering clouds. Seemed like some show. This year I was cursing myself with so much workload did not get time to a sit with my cuppa of tea near the window.
I got the time today…
Rains brought back the memories of school. Anxious wait for rains in summer, fun playing with friends during the first shower, our dance then running to take bath with hot water. Eating bhuttas with added spice and lemon.

Halt at a station… waiting for company… my hope sinks… train starts… my memories take the stage again.

In college we used to savour vada pav in pretext of rains with garam adrak chai. Chatting away to glory with friends.
Heavy rains means chuti in school and college, the next day. It means fun.

Now we are big, its worktime always. hmm.

“What days were they… kaash won din wapis aa jaye” exclaimed my heart.

Another station passes by…

“It’s raining can I help you??” The words that changed something in my life.

Don’t know till now, what though. Last week, on a rainy day while travelling back home, met a person working in the opposite office. Don’t remember if it was Wednesday or Thursday. We had seen each other, but nothing more than those occasional glances. Was struggling with my umbrella and bags. We got down at the same station everyday but never spoke. Rekha was out of office for some work.

“I smiled”

“Unable to open my umbrella” he smiled back. “I’ll help you with it.”

We walked till the station and had a cutting (half tea cup) near the platform, waiting for our train almost fully drenched. Speaking about some basics we found quite a few common topics. The time passed by.

“We have arrived…”

It broke my thoughts and did not realise that next is my stop. Few stations had passed by and I was lost in my thoughts. I am nearing home.
We did not meet again. It’s been 3 – 4 days. Reminds me maybe something’s wrong or may be not keeping well.

I came closer to the door.

The train stopped.

I got down. Took a rick…

“It was not so tough on The Empty Train, I came so fast…”

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