5 Ways to take care of Leather Handbags

Talk of example, fashionable and stylish handbags, and one word pop to your mind, leather! There’s something aesthetic about leather bags and no matter how costly they may seem, we all badly want to own and flaunt one! 

Elegant things require intricate aftercare too. Proper care prevents the leather from drying out and cracking, and it guards it against excessive dampness that can cause the skin to swell or decay. Now, we don’t mean to scare you! Your leather bags are in for the big run and will last you years with just the right aftercare. We’ll let you in on some easy to do things for proper post-care of your smart leather bags. 

  1. Don’t hang it – We are used to hanging our handbags on doorknobs or angles behind. While this is okay with handbags crafted from other materials, it is not a suitable way to store your leather bag. Hanging your leather bag can distort the leather, hence ruining the shape and the whole look of the bag.  
  1. Keep out of light – Store your leather bag in a cool and dry place. Sounds familiar? Yes! This precaution is applicable to leather bags as well. Doing this prevents discolouration. Make a habit of keeping your favourite leather bag in low moisture and avoid moulds on its skin. 
  1. Store in a dust bag – Most of your handbags come with a dust bag. It acts as a cover to protect your handbags from mildew and dust. A dust bag can be a saviour for your leather bag! It will keep all the decays at bay, protect your bag from dirt and rust and help retain its shape 
  1. Remove stains are soon as you see them – Please. We cannot emphasize this enough. As soon as you spot even a hint of stain on your endeared leather bag, clean it. You can simply use a clean cloth to wipe off the stain or let some baby powder sit on the stain for some time and dust it off. Ignorance will only make it worse and could end up with you having to throw your valuable leather bag in the trash.
  1.  Invest in leather cleaning products – As we had said earlier, fancy leather bag cravings come at a cost. The cost isn’t too much in this case! When you buy a leather bag, you must also spend on products that will help you maintain the bag. Consider buying a soft cloth to clean light stains, a leather bag cleaner and conditioner that will help you get rid of stubborn stains and moulds, a suede brush to keep your leather bag looking sophisticated Use bubble wrap to fill and pack away your bag when not in use, as it helps maintain the shape of your cherished leather bag. 

While all of these steps are important to perform, please do know that overdoing anything does more harm than good. 

Cleaning your leather bag every once in a while is a healthy practice. Less is more. Be wise with the aftercare of your leather bag. 

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  1. These are excellent tips, Manisha. And easily doable too! I have ruined many a leather bags by doing the opposite of what you mentioned.

  2. I have never purchased a leather bag, simply because I was not sure I could take care of them. These seem like very doable tips, thank you

  3. I thought hanging bags is the best way to store a leather bag. I know u have to cover it but still most of them start tearing. Will try out your tips. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. We tend to hang our bags but I read it long time back that we shouldn’t do it for leather bags. Same is about the light part. I like leather bags but don’t use them a lot due to its maintenance.

  5. I agree leather bags needs extra care and proper precautions. you have shared great tips for taking proper care of leather handbags in this post. I really liked the idea of Invest in leather cleaning products. it is a much needed aspect that many people forget to consider.

  6. Though I seldom use leather bag for their obvious support towards hunting and animal poaching but these tips shared by you are worth to follow for preserving for my one and only Da Milano Crocodile leather purse (gifted).

  7. These are some doable tips Manisha to keep life of leather handbags for longer run. Would like to add that stuffing bag with paper or any other material keeps the shape intact too else the Tote bags bend at midpoint and cracks gets developed.

  8. Leather Handbags tend to get mildew and also lose their sheen if they are not used regularly, or not being cleanded. These are some really handy tips to ensure the leather handbags are cared for properly.

  9. I have lost my two lovely leather bags to mildew and weather conditions. It was such a heartbreaking moment to see them going away piece by piece. These tips are really good and worth a try to save the loved leather bags.

  10. These are very good tips to take care of leather bags. I do not buy leather and I do not have any of these products. But I do have friends who love leather products and these are surely very helpful for them.

  11. Thank you for sharing such wonderful tips to take care of leather handbags. Since we live in a humid weather condition, our leather handbags often get decayed. I know how to avoid that now.

  12. Love this tips! I actually don’t own a real leather bag at the moment but have been eyeing on one for the longest time. One of my concerns is the maintenance of the bag itself which I think is a must because of its price value and this article helps enormously to help tick that box and keep my mind at ease in splurging.haha..Keep up the good writing!

    Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Make sure to do your Self-Care daily!😉

  13. Ohh my god.. after reading this I realised that I am doing it all wrong. Now I take good care of my leather bag. Thanks for these amazing helpful tips.

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