Eased out A Bit…

It was the beginning of my birthday month, I wasn’t super excited but there was some cheer inside my heart which kept me going ahead. Parents’ house after marriage + pregnancy = extra pampering. But what I kept getting is a mixed dose of pampering mixed with a tinge of shouting sprinkled with occasional kisses.

My Mom has her own ways of showing her love by shouting at me. She was stressed to the core because she was present when we had a discussion on the fibroid issue with the gynaecologist. I knew she was disturbed but she maintained a calm demeanour. Plus, there was some discussion happened when we got my pregnancy news which she was pissed out about, let’s not weave out the threads of that story. My father was anxious too but he has that “All is Well” look on his face the same as my husband. Men can be difficult to understand too like we women! If my parents ever read this either they will have a hearty laugh or they’ll knock me down, either way, I am sure they love me.

I kept my mind occupied with my professional work and my heart with Harry Potter Movies. Yes, I am a Potterhead and a crazy one, in this land of muggles I am happy I have a few Potterhead friends. I have to watch all the movies once 2-3 months still I can’t ever get over them. By now my husband has somewhat understood that this craziness can never subside come what may. My Mom still thinks by some way I grow up and stop watching horror stuff but she has not been successful in her attempts. It feels good to be crazy and I would never want this part of me to die ever.

My hubby was supposed to land on the night before my birthday. He came to pick me up from my parent’s house on my birthday. We had a simple lunch at home, did some catching up as it had been a long trip. He has visited my maternal relatives and my sister (Shikha Di) who had come from abroad, I was a bit jealous of him for this.

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On my birthday, I shared the news of my pregnancy with my close friends. I have very few friends but they mean a lot to me. They know that pretty well and if not, I am telling you now.  Once they knew they kept upon checking with me especially Vandana and Sapna because I need some gallis from them to run my gaadi. We may not be in touch that frequently but we know we have each other to fall back on. My blogger friends kept me cheered and guiding me – I can’t thank them enough – Anagha, Mayuri, Dipika, Varsha, Meenakshi and Deepa. Shikha Di, my elder sister also gave me frequent dose which helped me a lot. Only if I could have recorded some conversations for future training purposes! The person who has kept a daily tab on me sometimes more than my parents is Mani (Manisha Kapoor) as we lovingly call her my little sister. I Love You 😊

So, coming back to what I did on my birthday attending calls and then going back to my home. My relatives and sister had sent so I did the opening ceremony. I love cake and it was the first time that I did not cut it with my parents as I wanted to reach home before evening and avoid all the traffic. My husband got ill. The hectic travel took its toll. I ended up ordering the cake for myself and ordered the food as well. I had taken permission from my doctor and asked her if I could eat out because I wanted to badly. Nothing exciting but still a day well spent.


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  1. Thanks for the mention Manisha. I know how tensed it can be especially if you are expecting. Parents can feel stressed for their daughter.

  2. I feel so special for aming it to your post, Manisha! Pregnancy can be stressful and yours was tougher than most. My parents are like yours too, their love is shown in unconventional ways. 😀

    1. I am thankful for you gals to always cheer me up. I guess all our parents fall in the same category 🙂 but we love them for it.

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