Fairly reaching the Mid-Point…

Vandana and Raghu gave us a surprise visit in a few days which was wonderful. There is never a dull moment when your friends come to meet you. We had our memorable Udaipur trip. Post that there was a lot of catching up to do. We talked and talked and talked for hours. Another friend Seema was coming down. I was going to meet her after a gap of 5 yrs. if I am not wrong. We could not spend as much time as we intended to but it was great meeting her again.

Things continued pretty much same later. At the end of the month, I did get some stomach and back pain which I brought to the notice of my doctor. Overall, April was a much better month in a while for sure.

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The fiery hot summer was at its peak with May still to go, I had some time till the clouds burst with love. Mumbai rains have their own charm – it’s a love & hate relationship.

With our wedding Anniversary followed by hubby’s birthday, the first few days of May went by. We did nothing top notch just a simple cake cutting at home as I love cakes. IPL had hit the screens of Indian Television and I had drowned myself in the world of Harry Potter. Win-Win for both of us. He got his cricket through IPL. I got my Harry Potter! I had already mentioned what a crazy Harry Potter fan I am so on my birthday I was been gifted with the whole books collection by Sapna and Kopal. The Chamber of Secrets was finished in a day and the whole collection in 20 days because I was been asked to slow down by my hubby. He said, “I am not going to do anything to your books so stop your marathon reading and take care of yourself too.” He feared that the child will first start saying ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ instead of Mom and Dad. These muggles won’t understand how interesting the world of Hogwarts is 😊. I slowed down a bit.

We had an important scan lined up during the second week of May called as Targeted or Anomaly Scan. Anomaly scan is done somewhere in between 18-21 weeks of your pregnancy to check the physical abnormalities in the baby. It can’t detect everything but helps to check the growth of the baby. It is one of the longest scans so the doctor had informed us to take the morning appointment. As I was eagerly waiting for it, I was ready on the set date.

When you look at your baby growing and moving inside your tummy you have no words to explain what you feel inside. You are emotional and that happiness is precious. That day I was so joyful that I shared what I saw with my parents, brother and bhabhi immediately and called my Mom and Dad to share what I saw. I guess as parents what we felt and experience no one can match up to it. It’s like you have seen the divine!

The sonography report doesn’t do justice to what you see. The body parts, the face, the baby playing in your stomach, I am sure while reading this all the Moms would be going down their memory lanes, would be Moms would be smiling in glee knowing what in-store all in all everyone would be visualising it for sure. During the scan, I could not see hair and asked the doctor does my baby have hair and the doctor gave a big smile and said sorry we can see that. So, there is still a lot of scope in technology, our scientists need to do a lot 😉 Guess what, we had another good news the fibroid was pretty much in control.


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  1. Glad the Fibroid was under control. I was smiling as you described the results of the scan. You must make an ebook of these posts, Manisha. How lovely it will be for Anaaya to read it.

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