Gearing up from another roadblock:

Each phase of pregnancy has its ups and downs. The second trimester is the golden period as mentioned by many where you can enjoy the maximum – in the first one you are settling down while the third has its own set of issues and you are waiting for the final outcome.

For me, the enjoyment was getting the liberty to eat properly at home and outside. When it comes to outside food it means cooked hot food nothing cold from a well-trusted place. For a chat lover like me, my prescription for Pani Puri was stopped for a year, with I starting to relish it only in recent times. Trust me it’s hard if you love it! Home-made Sev Puri came to my rescue but only a few times. I was allowed a few shots of Maggi under strict supervision.

Cooking became a tough job with the bulging stomach but it was managed by both of us. On weekends we had the support of my mother in law which was really helpful. On some days I would receive some goodies from my mother’s kitchen too.

May ended quickly and June came with the hope of relief from the heat. The eyes keep looking towards the sky in anticipation of rain.

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Few of my problems like constipation and nausea had taken a backseat with indigestion, heartburn and acidity making inroads. I had faced severe breathlessness in my first trimester which also reduced by now. Mentally I was prepared by now. There will always be something or the other will keep on popping by which is beyond your control.

In mid-month when I almost was at the end of my second trimester, I had severe unbearable pain radiating in my stomach. Since the pain started in the night I waited for the night to pass over. The next day I thought I would find some breather from it, it just kept on increasing. In that condition, I was unable to do anything and just wailing in pain. The doctor visit was certain.

Before detecting the reason, the pain had to be controlled in some way so that diagnosis could be done easily. I was immediately given an injection. Just to share I freeze at the sight of a needle, I avoid taking injections as much as possible. I still cry and I don’t think in this lifetime my fear will go away even though I have taken many during my pregnancy. I was been asked to be hospitalised to keep a check on me. It was my decision to go back to the comfort of my home. It could have been a risk but somehow, I psych at the thought of staying in a hospital. I was recommended some medicines to control my pain. It was a weekend and it turned out to be a tough one for me. The pain did not go away completely but Sunday evening saw a better me. The last 3 nights had been horrible. I was in touch with my Doctor Mam on daily basis with she even speaking to us regularly on Sunday.

On Monday, we met her and I was suggested to do sonography as a diagnostic measure. The first thought was that this could be due to the fibroid which may have increased in size. However, it turned out to be something completely unexpected. Everything seemed normal except that my right kidney had swelling and stone was detected.



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  1. Oh no! Having a kidney stone during your pregnancy sounds horrible! Looking forward to the next post to know how you dealt with it..

  2. I wonder how you managed to survive so many complications during your pregnancy, Manisha. Hats off to you for fighting it out bravely although it might’ve been quite scary.

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