Half the Battle is Won…

Knowing about diseases and dealing with it is totally a different ball game. When I got detected with the kidney swelling and stone the alarm bells started ringing in the house. As I said, the priorities change. As an expecting mother, anything that happens to me, I ended up thinking of its impact on my baby more than its impact on my health. So, the first concern was will it affect the baby; thankfully No! Treatment: Drink loads of water, Cranberry Juice and Lemon Barley juice because medicines can’t be given.

Coming from a family of doctors both of Uncles and Aunts went through the reports and had similar suggestions. Few medicines to curb the pain and rest on natural remedies. At the same time, both my parents were on their own path to recovery – Dad from Chemotherapy sessions while Mom was diagnosed with dengue. When this kidney news swelled through my family, both the sets of parents panicked. We kept a sharp watch on the issue and handled it well. The pain subsided, the issue became dormant for the time being since nothing else could be done. With this, I completed my second trimester.


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The final countdown had begun, I feel one of the most demanding phases of pregnancy starts with your third semester. Half the battle is won with the first two trimesters the third one is a big battle in itself. You face a high degree of heartburns, acidity, indigestion, frequent trips to toilet and breathlessness. Your anxiety levels also start increasing with every passing day. Last trimester also means higher doctor visits, blood tests and taking more injections. I drowned myself into reading about signs and symptoms of labour, precautions, C-section etc. Getting the hospital bag ready and planning about the new member of the family keeps running in your thoughts.

My friend Sapna had suggested a website – What to Expect which I still read it has a whole lot of useful information and shares what happens in each week of pregnancy.

The rains had already shown up in the city and I was strictly been kept at home now considering if I face any mishap. My mother-in-law works in a bank and she had been located out of the city for the last 6 yrs., finally she got transferred back to Mumbai so it was a homecoming for her. We had great support with her coming back to us in the last trimester.


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  1. Life took it as a deal to keep challenging you throughout your pregnancy, didn’t it. Big hug to you, brave girls, both Anaaya and you!

  2. Akele itna sab struggle jhelna kitna mushkil hai, kitna stress…khud ki condition, parents ki ye halat….aapne bahut himmat k sath sabka saamna kiya 👍👍 haan husband n family ka support bhi hai 🤗🤗

  3. The third trimester is the best and also the hardest. There’s the excitement of welcoming the baby and the need to be extra-vigilant. You went through it all very bravely, Manisha!

  4. The third trimester is surely tough and as you went through so much before, it would have been a relief knowing things were getting better.

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