Daring to Go Ahead…

My first scan called as the Nuchal Scan which is a prenatal scan to determine cardiovascular abnormalities, Down syndrome and non-chromosomal abnormalities. We scheduled it in such a way that my hubby could manage time in between his work. I was nervous and excited to see the baby. In my entire duration of pregnancy, I have always waited for a scan to see my baby.

As the scan proceeded, I had tears in my eyes seeing the magic of nature. We all may have studied science and must be experts also but trust me when you see a baby developing you will gasp in surprise. The end of each session used to be listening to the heartbeats which were the best music parents can hear.

Behold, the Fibroid had increased in size!!!

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During the first sonography which we did to confirm the pregnancy, the doctor noted and informed us that there is a small fibroid which was growing. Currently, it was small in size but could cause a problem in future. The fibroid was not within the uterus however it could pose as a potential risk if it developed further. The route which supplies nutrition support to the foetus indirectly provides support to the fibroid as well. It was expected to grow in size. Although it was outside the uterus it was anticipated that it would create a problem once the baby starts to grow. In every subsequent scan, we need to closely monitor its growth.

Upon discussion with the doctor, we realized it was a worrying factor, beyond our control. Surgery to remove the fibroid was out of the question since it posed a high risk to the baby. In such situations, you always fear the worst consequences so till the next scan we had to live with it. My Doctor Mam was confident that we will be able to proceed without any major challenge, but there was a sense of concern in her voice and I could see the change in her body language as well. I was completely down inside could not even put a fake smile on my face when we had this discussion at the doctors’ clinic. The only confident person in the room was hubby who just knew things won’t go wrong. Don’t know what made him feel confident! But he had that look which made me relax.

When I began my journey in this phase, everyone kept saying, the first trimester is the most crucial phase. Now when I look back, it was indeed. But so were 2nd and 3rd trimester. They are equally important.

So, the first trimester for me had its own share of happiness and tense moments. It’s this feeling of motherhood which gets developed in the first trimester. It took some time for the feeling to sink in…!! I was looking forward to the 2nd and 3rd trimester…and my due date – 6th October 2018.


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  1. Fibroid is a word that shakes a woman more during pregnancy. I can completely relate to you as I had two but they did not trouble in entire my pregnancy.
    Loving the way your series are shaping up.

  2. Oh, Badi bitiya ko bhi first baby k tym fibroid tha, but thankfully koi problem nahi hui, utni hi khushi aapke liye bhi hui ki sab safe raha
    Baby ki heartbeat sunney k liye main bhi wait karti thi, soch kar us sukhad ehsaas se aankh bandh ho jaati hain

  3. Glad your Husband’s positivity and belief proved itself. That news must have been so harrowing for you though, can’t even imagine what you must have gone through when you heard it.

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