5 Latest Bridal Fabric Designs for your D-day

Fabrics can make and mar any design which could be your bridal design too!

I know you’ve been waiting too long to weave that perfect corset to pair with your bridal skirt or that perfect lace hemmed sequinned ivory gown for your wedding, but weren’t you dubious about the wrong fabrics, making your overall dress look disastrous?

It’s a priceless moment, just like you save yourself for that D-day moment, roll up your sleeves and own up for the choices of bridal fabrics you might have chosen to knit either your ethnic fashion or Indo-western fashionable apparel, which you might have a plan to stitch.

Any apparel, from the corset, mermaid skirt, well-knitted tailored gown to veil for the bride to bridal headgear – everything has a fabric that acts as an accomplice, accentuating bride’s best features.

Read, educate, experiment and explore before your final knit of your special dress, especially before you’ve tied the knot. Try making enough exploration of your bridal fabric design but not after you’ve lived the moment of the bridal occasion.

It’s time to perfectly knit your eyebrows, pump up your skin and curl up your tresses as you’re going to get an overview of the latest bridal fabric designs.

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Worth mentioning are few add-ons, precisely for a better understanding of each fabric given as below:


a. Satin

Precisely satin is less considered as a bridal fabric more than as a fibre. You can have satin which is a blend of either silk or polyester or other synthetics. Usually, satin is used as a source of finish, for it is known for its smoothness and sheen, suiting each body type.


b. Chiffon

Obviously, no one wants to look fat on a wedding day. Few diets and few exercises, why get burnt out when you can trickily select fabric designs and camouflage your flabs?

Chiffons add that silkiness to your figure accentuating your right curves in the right way. But it depends on the tailor who’s going to stitch your gown delicately making you look weightless and charming.


c. Lace

Laces are materials that add a Midas touch to your dress thereby enhancing the details of the dress either in places like cuffs, veils or hem of the dresses.


d. Organza

Organza is sometimes used as a substitute to satin or silk or chiffon for its sheer and elegance. It can be stitched quickly and can look great as bridal evening wear.


e. Tulle

If you’re someone with petite stature, then a ball gown made of Tulle looks translucent, delicate giving an airy feeling. Be careful with this fabric when you wear striking metallic jewellery as you might get snagged by these.

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Now as you’ve got an idea as to how to select bridal fabrics to knit your bridal wear, shop at Tissura.com and get blown away by the choice of fabric faves it has in store to offer. Select, choose wisely before knitting any of the latest bridal fabric designs.

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