A Cause for Concern…

March began with the festival of Holi which I spend in closed doors except for the Pooja. As much as I thought that this phase will quickly pass, days looked like weeks. Although I wanted to eat, I lost interest even at the sight of food. The only solace during this period was coconut juice and other fruit juices which I could gulp down my throat. My Doctor Mam helped me with the best medicines she could to take care but she had her limitations too.

Summer had already started to set in Mumbai and staying on the top floor makes things worse for us as the house feels like a microwave oven in the afternoons. I don’t know the reason but last year we had power cuts in our area and those took a toll on me I use to crib and curse the management because bearing the heat became an issue for me.

Blog 243 - Anaaya & I - A Cause for Concern…

If this wasn’t enough, I suddenly got itching throughout my body which again is one of the pregnancy symptoms. It wasn’t a pleasant sight to see because I myself felt like I am a monkey however, it was beyond my control. There were rashes on my body, medicine intake was obviously restricted so topical medicine was an option. I tried a lot of body lotions and creams and home remedies nothing seemed to work for me initially till I found some help in the form of a sensitive body wash and Aloe Vera gel. It did not wane out completely but was a huge help.

To add to my woes, I got constipation which began with a small issue but turned out to be a big monster. Never in my life have I faced it and the amount of trouble it caused me that on Gudi Padwa day I cried throughout the day. It had become so severe that I had to take an Enema. Google it! Helps to increase your knowledge!

I was losing weight so supplements were prescribed. My hubby had a meeting and he was not going to be in town for the next 15 odd days so I went to stay with my parents.

With so much in hand, it took days for things to slow down. It affected my mood swings a lot too. I had almost stopped talking much to people around me.

All this didn’t matter as much as – THE FIBROID!


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  1. Some pregnancies are tougher than the others. It is unfortunate that you had to go through so much. I would just say this, you’re strong and you sailed through, Manisha.

    1. Thanks Varsha. I feel every pregnancy is unique with its own ups and down. I salute all the mothers around me for their undying spirit of love.

  2. Pregnancy could be painstakingly challenging or easy peesy like a cakewalk. Unfortunately, most of these symptoms are present with most of the women. Glad you sailed through it amazingly Manisha.

  3. It’s never easy for a pregnant and expecting mother. Women are the strongest humans, capable of holding so much and facing things they take in their stride.Power to you!

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