Beginning of A New Journey…

The family wedding was on 9th and the pre-wedding celebrations started 3-4 days in advance. My father-in-law came to stay by with us so he could also participate in the celebrations. I was juggling between the wedding and professional commitments. So, the buzz kept me moving.

Between all this, just 2 days before the wedding I met with a small accident which till date only my husband is aware of. I had slipped off badly in my bathroom. Thankfully, there were no external injuries but internally muscular pain was there.

Since, the beginning of February, I was having severe mood swings. Sometimes I had high energy levels and sometimes I was getting irritated for no rhyme or reason. My periods were going to clash with the wedding dates so, that kept me mentally worried. I felt all this is a result of PMS pre-menstrual syndrome.

The wedding was fun. I got to interact with my family members, got to know them better and enjoyed the rituals and not to forget getting ready so that’s the best part of the wedding. Days just flew by. On the day of the wedding, I was exhausted. Although I rested for a while too I just don’t know what caught onto me as even the smallest of things got me irritated.

Wedding passed by, my in-laws went back however, I wasn’t feeling great. The fact that I fell, I was tired with the running around or delayed periods just kept me mentally wondering. The year before I had a lot of my family members sick so the hospital trips were so frequent that I felt horrible at the thought of going again to get a check-up done. However, the inevitable has to happen and so on 13th Feb, I remember it was Maha Shivratri my husband took an appointment to see a gynaecologist.

We went to the doctor. I shared my details and she did the pregnancy test since I had missed my period. My doctor wondered why I didn’t take the pregnancy test already! The point is my husband and I are both healthcare professionals; add to it that I come from a family of doctors. With that history, she was wondering what stopped us from using a pregnancy kit. In hindsight, I feel the reason was my anxiety and the what-ifs that come with it.

I was prescribed immediately with supportive medicines and asked to do a confirmatory Sonography. My husband was thoroughly happy and suddenly his face shone in a special emotion which is beyond words. As for me, I had still not digested what I just heard. We went for the sonography and the doctor started the scan we could only see a small butterfly with a heartbeat. When I heard the heartbeat it was amazing. Suddenly you start believing in miracles and wonder at the magic of nature. Imagine a heart beating in your stomach!!

So, the good news was confirmed!

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The next step was to get home as we were tired it was pretty late in the night and we had to do some blood tests as prescribed the next day so arrangements had to be made for that. My husband informed both the families and there was a wave of cheer in the air for them. We had a quiet dinner. The coming weekend I had a family function and a close friend’s wedding to attend which I was eagerly waiting for. I was supposed to catch up with my blogger friends too but I had cancelled it for this reason and now I wasn’t supposed to travel and neither eat out. Priorities had to be re-aligned.

I kept myself busy with work to divert my mind and kept wondering if my accident had hurt the baby in some way. There were a lot of questions going around in my brain and yes, I think too much. So, the initial anxiety subsided and I was more open to the changes happening with me, it took me a good amount of days for that.

My Gynaecologist had prescribed some nausea medicines and I had very confidently told her that I am fine and nothing is happening. Within a few days, my nausea started and the smell and sight of certain foods made me puke and irritable. Cooking became really tough but hubby dear was huge support this time. I use to do the preparations for cooking and he used to cook the food. We both managed this together. I used to sit in close doors with Air Conditioner on so I could not get the smell of foods it took a toll on me as I stopped enjoying what I used to eat. Any fragrance which I did not like made me go crazy – the usage of perfumes, hair oil everything became a nuisance for me. My husband would love to elaborate on this!! That’s for some other time though!

So, my count started as to when this phase will get over. Hmm!


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  1. Manisha, your story mirrors mine in so many ways! I too hadn’t believed I was pregnant till the periods were very delayed. I too slipped in the bathroom quite badly during that time! I’ll be narrating the story of how I found out about my pregnancy in this challenge too.. Hope you’ll stay tuned for it 🙂

  2. Your post reminded me of the time when I came to know of my pregnancy. It is a bittersweet feeling. Waiting to know what happens next.

  3. A beautiful journey Manisha, I am so proud of you and your motherly instincts that all will be fine. Coming from the same background also helps a lot.
    I am so eager to meet the little angel.

  4. The good news is usually filled with happiness but has a tinge of confusion and unexpected feeling too. Enjoying reading about your journey, Manisha! 🙂

  5. The start of a pregnancy is not easy for some. I have heard so many of my friends talk about the revulsion for certain smells too.

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