A New Year begins…

A new slate begins with a 00.00 on every 31st December. Every day comes in with a new hope but we celebrate the beginning of every year with the hope that it would bring in new learnings, help us become a better person, brings in happiness for all our loved ones and keep all of them in good health & spirit. I think this way I am sure most of us would.

My husband and I are not party animals; we prefer small celebrations with our family and close friends. New Year 2018 wasn’t any different. Since 31st December was a weekend, all cousins planned a get together for the long weekend. Nothing special just spending time with each other and usual catching up. So, on 31st December we had a nice dinner after that we saw Jumanji- Welcome to the Jungle- so when the clock struck 12, we were busy watching this beautiful movie. That’s how our New Year began, nothing exceptional but still memorable!

Blog 243 - Anaaya & I - A NEW YEAR BEGINS…

As January begins, I reminisce the year gone by and hope for the best for my whole family. I never have any New Year promises as I am too scared what if I don’t fulfil it. I am crazy for festivals so my next thoughts go in the direction of Lohri and Makar Sankranti & Haldi Kumkum which I follow. So, mental preparations begin quite a way ahead in my brain as I like to plan things in advance. My husband would love to elaborate on this!! That’s for some other time though!

On the professional front, I had a few assignments since I work as a Freelance Consultant for Market Research. Blogging continues to be a passion and few assignments were there on the calendar. The year began on a good note with these assignments. Thanks to my close friend Sapna and Kopal. They have been partners in this journey. With both hands full, I was quite positive and focussed on the things on the plate. Every assignment is important. Once it is executed well it gives immense satisfaction.

In the month of February, we had a family wedding at my in-laws ‘side so I had to plan my work accordingly. Some rituals were planned in January too. Things went out as planned with weekdays focussed on professional activities and weekends were a family affair and the month flew by. Didn’t realize how one month of New Year was already over!


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  1. As I’ve grown older, I’ve begun to prefer smaller celebrations with my family too! Today, as we all begin the #AtoZChallenge, it seems like the start of a new year to me 😋😃

  2. So, the year started uneventfully , but we all know how it ended , right? Exciting start! Looking forward to the next post, Manisha.

  3. So happy to see you getting back to work, Manisha. Little celebrations with family make them special. We avoid crowded and noisy parties too. Hoping to hear you share more amazing things about your life. 🙂

  4. Manisha, your happiness in the work and satisfaction in completing an assignment are much appreciated. I liked your post and looking forward for next.


  5. Small celebrations are always better and more fun with close family and friends. Good start Manisha. All the best for your A to Z

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