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After a gap, I am attempting again the biggest exam for a blogger – A to Z Challenge.ย 

The first time I did was in 2017 – An Interview series of different Women from various areas and their success stories which I feel very proud of till date.

My second attempt is this one which is very special personally, the reason you will know soon ๐Ÿ™‚ This time I am more nervous than my first attempt, I have my fingers crossed hoping to complete this one!

A few days back I was chatting with a few blogger friends contemplating whether to participate or not. They motivated & encouraged me although they knew my challenges. I firstly Thank them all, this is to your support gals – Anagha, Varsha, Mayuri, Meenakshi, Dipika and Deepa.ย 

Blog 243 - Anaaya & I.png

As you have got some clue from the picture, I am writing on my Journey to Motherhood. Last year, I was blessed with a baby girl on 28th September – Anaaya.

Every pregnancy is unique. Symptoms are similar, but the challenging scenarios which life presents are quite different. With the nuclear family concept, I craved most for someone to share and talk during my pregnancy. My Mom and Mom-in-law would keep a tab on me but I felt during this time I wanted to talk to someone who was as raw as me since it was my first pregnancy. I had the thought that whenever I get a chance I would share my journey if can be of help to any mother undergoing a similar phase.

This story also serves as a memento for us as a family – me, my husband & of course Anaaya.

A special mention to Mayuri for helping out with the title, your contribution will be close to my heart ๐Ÿ™‚

Blog 243 - Anaaya & I - 1

…. Hop on and read about my journey this April.ย 


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  1. I am so happy that you are back to blogging with the AtoZ, Manisha. And I am so touched at the mention. I am looking forward to know all about your journey with Anaaya. All the best for April .

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