Some Chai-time Gupshup…

This is an inspiration from Shalini and Deepa.❤❤

Do check their blogs for some awesome stuff.📚📚

Happiness and moments come in small packages and what’s better than sharing those with my friends.

Happiness spreads right!

Thanks for inspiring me Shalini and Deepa, I love those posts, feels I am talking to you.

I love chai (tea), I am a complete tea addict and love masala chai or adrak chai. I am in for new flavors. I can sit on terrace or my window and admire the nature, sipping my chai or have family gupshups nonstop. Work, Talk – can do lot of multitasking with this energy cup.

I thought let’s start a monthly Chai-time Gupshup to share what’s happened in the month and talk to all of you lovely friends.

September month started with #MyFriendAlexa campaign. It was super fun and eventful. Coming as a second runner’s up in the campaign was an achievement.🎊🎊 So October started on a high note.  I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) with Blogchatter #DailyChatter.

It was a task – fun and hectic both.

Blogging everyday was a real challenge. I took it up. I managed it except for the last few days because I fell sick and Diwali decluttering on my head. I just could not get the time. I feel a bit sad, I missed it because of few posts but I am happy I did it. I am happy to read a lot and do my best. I am sure I will get another chance.

I have got my learnings from the campaign and look forward to Blogbuddy 3.0. I am ready for the ‘next level’ challenge with my buddies. We are going to rock #Writeaholics.

Diwali was fun. I did some decluttering. Decorated the house, missed few things but happy with what I did. Had a great family time. The days just flew, trust me when I say this and now I feel the post-festive hollow.

I keep my reading on and want to do more of it..

I have seen so much of energy in my blog in the last 2 months which makes me show a different side of myself. I am happy and I want to walk on this path continuously…

I had few achievements which mean so much to me last month

😊 100+ followers on my blog

😊 500+ likes

😊 My Blogiversary

Blog 68 - Chaitime Gupshup - 1.jpg

Hope you liked this Gupshup. Have something planned up this month..

Till then Signing Off..

Take Care and Love

😊😊 Keep Smiling 😊😊

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Tina Basu



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  1. Wonderful stuff Manisha. Reading your blogs is like enjoying a smooth drive in a good empty road,very pleasant and soothing.

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