Some Chai-time Gupshup…

My favorite chit – chat time is here again.

Another month is gone and we are pretty much at the end of 2016. I don’t know if the time went by quickly or slowly.

I am awaiting December surely – for there is big family event and Christmas of course. I love receiving gifts. I love playing Santa to. In my previous workplace just for the fun we had Secret Lakshmi on Diwali and Secret Santa on Christmas. I have a bit of anxiety too. Last year the month was a bit tough on us. So lets see what unfolds…

I had the post-festive hollow continued this month for sometime. Health-wise  had a tough time with allergic cough. Passing through different areas I have few observations. I don’t wana sound like a philosopher or anything. But friends the crackers, the smoke – due to burning or smoking, the unnecessary noise pollution at various time intervals – do you think we are doing good to ourselves or to the environment. There are people who are allergic or may have problems, if you cant sympathize with them, its ok. Have some mercy for yourself? The Delhi smog and I feel the difference in the air at Mumbai to. I request you to think about it and spread the message. We can take some steps or efforts. Sorry for the rant but, just shared my thoughts.

So this month the big word has been #Demonetisation..

India stole the thunder from the US Elections. I felt so. Don’t worry I am not here to share any gyaan on it. I am not a economist or financial person, neither I wana preach anything. I just have one thought – “We are in it together, just support each other. “Change is inevitable” as they say and tough on everyone. I may understand problems of many and may not to. There would be innumerable challenges I am sure. There are some people who are working non-stop like the banking staff to make things work for us. I just want to spread the message to help each other in the best way. When trying times fall on a family, it comes together to support each other – that’s what I feel we need to do.

I think this tea-talk has become too serious..

😊I keep the energy on this month on my blog with some small changes and maintaining my target of at-least 8 posts.

😊 Welcome Aboard! my new followers, my new friends.

😊 I planted a Tulsi so building my personalized garden effort starts. I wanted to get some more, may be in few days.

😊Have something planned for the winter care — do check out that.

It was fun having this conversation, this gupshup. Look forward to hear from you to keep the conversations going.

Take Care and Love

😊😊 Keep Smiling 😊😊

I am a part of the gang –  #Writeaholics. Please checkout the posts of my Blogbuddies and spread some love –  Shinjini, Anindya , Saumy, Dixita, Menaka and Dr. Anshul

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  1. I m alsi waiting for dec bcz i love winters and Christmas season 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 u also enjoy ur family function dear 😘😘😘😘😘

  2. I love this post filled with positivity. Let’s make a collective effort to be together and empathize with bankers handling so much pressure. Plant a plant to nurture like life. A cool idea.

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