Some Chai-time Gupshup…

Its Chai Time again. I know I am a bit late this time.

First of all Wishing you a great Year ahead. May this year be memorable, enriching & fulfilling for you and your loved ones.

So December was quite eventful and passed in a ziffy. It was a mix of everything – it was my brother’s marriage so lot of running around in December. We had a short travel and then marriage preparations and functions just ended the year. A small family get together to mark the New Year and see December went by so quickly.

I still have the hangover of the entire events.

It was fun time in the preparations when you have so much to do.  I actually had a diary with daily To-Do list still, things were pending. All those small discussions with respect to the preparation goes in my memory hard disk, which now I can sit back and laugh at. At that time you are bugged. The entire family came down and it was great to see all. It makes the event so much more memorable. We had almost like a 5-6 events some for all, some for immediate family which really leaves you with less breathing time.

Nach Gana goes without saying in Indian Marriages so we had a surprise planned for my brother on his sangeet and then the regular dance. Overall it was an emotional and a important event for all of us.

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We made a quick trip which gave a small break time in the midst of all the preparations and would share my travelogue in the upcoming posts.

We also had the #SecretSanta initiative with #BlogChatter and I enjoyed sending & receiving the gifts. My #Secret Santa was Prerna (

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😊 This month due to this I wasn’t able to post as many blogs as I wanted, but I am back on track from January.

😊 I welcome all my new followers and happy to have you as part of my family.

😊 I  won#GameToFame and a chance to be featured on #BlogAdda and was happy like a small kid.

Do share how did you celebrate Christmas and New Year? I am waiting to hear from you.

Take Care and Love

😊😊 Keep Smiling 😊😊

I am a part of the gang –  #Writeaholics. Please checkout the posts of my Blogbuddies and spread some love –  Shinjini, Anindya , Saumy, Dixita, Menaka and Dr. Anshul

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