Some Chai-time Gupshup…

So I am here after a hiatus of 2 months. Wondering where I was well here only.

The New year start was a bit dull not so exciting. Was a bit unwell so low on energy, but can’t be away from talking to you guys right? Love you all – xoxo.

Emotions should be expressed and communicated. Don’t keep it to yourselves because maybe you may not intend something wrong but by not expressing you may lose something precious for life. “Pyaar hai khul ke bolo aur nafrat hai toh bhi doston”.

So start of the year was dull as I mentioned. We did take a small trip to Surat. We enjoyed the Kathiyawadi food which was yum, wholesale markets, thick shake which is awesome – Mind it! Also some variety of khichdi, yes they can be yum too.

While February took a toll on me with the season changing its mood. Holi was fun in March as I celebrated after a long time. My blog tip got featured on #BlogAdda.


Yes, 3 months already gone and here comes my Birthday month. So I have planned something special obviously for you all. I wish to celebrate with you all as you are part of my family.

In March I signed for #A to Z challenge and I am freaking out. Can’t share my anxiety except with you all. I am excited and nervous. I don’t know if I can make it but won’t leave it without trying. I don’t have any specific theme but I want to share stories about various women across fields who have stood out in their own way. Plus would be sharing on other topics as well.

Wish me Luck friends!



Have a surprise for you all –


Yes, I have planned a giveaway for all my subscribers. Please check the video to check the prizes.

The Rules are simple

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🔮 Results would be announced in 1st week of May.

🔮 People who unfollow post giveaway would not be considered for future giveaways.


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Take Care and Love

😊😊 Keep Smiling 😊😊


I am a part of the gang –  #Writeaholics. Please check out the posts of my Blogbuddies and spread some love –  Shinjini, Anindya, Saumy, Dixita, Menaka and Dr. Anshul

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  1. U r doing a very good job dear. Justenjoy ur work, don’t be nervous. Everything will be find, everthing is going good.
    All the best for ur 2nd giveaway and future posts. Love u 😘😘

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