5 small joys that I am Thankful for #ThankfulThursdays

Simple joys of life are finding happiness in small things. 🍭❤🌻😊

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I also have my share of happiness, which I am grateful for.

🔮🔮 Small outings with family and friends are the perfect stress buster. It can be a walk on the beach or watching a movie. It’s family time which is pure bliss. ⛱⛱


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🔮🔮 I love fairy tales, books and serials which have magic like Harry Potter, Aladdin. The latest one I saw is Chandrakanta hope it turns out to be good. ✨✨




🔮🔮 I love shopping online or offline. I think all girls do. I think it’s the perfect exercise and can uplift my mood anytime. My husband calls me Infinity mall ka Encyclopaedia and my family & friends consult me for online shopping.🛍🛍


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🔮🔮 Being a Punjabi I love food too, so enjoying my favorite food – Kadhi chawal, Rajma and Chole always. Having Pani puri is heavenly bliss. Ice creams to I can’t give a miss. I hope I did not miss cakes, pastries and chocolates. Enough of bugging you guys.🛎🛎




🔮🔮 Lastly, I would say writing on my blog. I love it simply. Why I love it find it here – I Love my Blog.

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Hope you all find happiness every day, every hour ❤❤😊😊.

Have a great day!👍


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  1. U n me r very simillar .. I also love reading fairy tailes ( magic wali) 😍😍😍 food, shopping… 😘😘😘😘

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