I love my Blog…

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Saumy

Dear Zarahatkeblog,
Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day…

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I am celebrating this Valentine Day sharing love through my blog. Earlier I met a few people at work and then clients, my family and a small circle of friends. Now I meet lesser people. My life revolves around my blog. Through my blog, I have a bigger family now – my blogger friends whom I have discovered and look forward to meeting many more friends and my readers of course.
You may wonder, how can I love an inanimate thing maybe or maybe not. For me, it’s my medium to connect with all. Why shouldn’t I love it?
Every relation requires pampering, care, attention and love. I give it all. I am nurturing it as my baby. Every passing day when I see more friends joining my blog and channel, I feel indebted.
So many pros of loving it too. It’s a relationship which would grow if I nurture it carefully and won’t leave me but stays always. Sometimes people and relationships are taken for granted. People find new people and forget what they have. I am saved from it. Every comment or like gives me love. People share their love and thoughts.
It won’t be judgemental towards me. It can’t think like negative minds 🙂
It got me to reading and knowing so many aspects of life. When you work you generally focus on your sphere of work, when you read you do so much so learn so much.
It helps me grow as an individual – I learn to write better, to read better, to share better. It gives my creative skills some tough times.
It’s given me some lovely friends who are into different fields not restricting me to my profession.
I Love You Always,


It’s Valentine – so my readers and friends – let’s do this activity.

Think of the person you love the most.

Will you survive without that person for a sec?

Is it worth to be judgemental or hurt such a person?

Is it worth to ignore that loved one and go for greener pastures?

Will you ever forgive yourself if that person dies?

Don’t love for a second but for a lifetime. You may want to have your enjoyments and leave your loved ones alone maybe your father, mother, siblings or spouse. The pain you give comes back to you multifold. Love gives you a chance, keep it in your heart. Either you get more or lose yourself. Never neglect the person you love the most, the pain of this loss would be inexplicable.

I am Thankful to Love to give a chance to Love and be loved, are you?

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day…

To be together always not a single day of the year

I pass on the baton of Blog Love to Reema D’Souza.


I am linking up this post as part of #BlogChatter Prompt – #Love


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  1. Indeed Blog is the reflection of incredible thoughts and personality, where we share our experience and knowledge and Meeting different minds and getting support what called #Bloglove Best wishes for you blog.

    1. Yes Amrita…
      I may have not seen all of you but I am sure when we meet it will be a blast… So happy to have such wonderful friends…

  2. Loved the lines, Manisha! You’re a super active blogger who shares her thoughts with great poise and kindness. Hope your blog reach great heights in the years to come. 🙂

  3. Blogging sure teaches us a lot of things, and helps us make wonderful friends who do so many amazing things and who we would never have met otherwise. Here’s to more blog love and more fun with your lovely space!

  4. I know being a full time blogger after quitting a career after your baby must be extremely un nerving but I can see how you are able to be happy and find joy and positivity in your decision because you are looking at your blog as a means to connect and improve as a person.
    All your reasons made so much sense and you warm note about loving people unselfishly was the perfect Valentines Day message.
    Wish you all the success!

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