#Book Review: Colorful Notions – The Roadtrippers 1.0

Your dreams define your aspirations, your goals and the direction of your life.

You evolve and so your dreams and they lead to a new path.

I dream of owning a restaurant someday, or maybe a flourishing business. Not everything gets fulfilled or goes as per your plan but, it leads to newer roads that define your future.

I was hooked while reading Colorful Notions – The Roadtrippers 1.0. A journey which leads to newer roads for Ab, Sasha and Unnati. The book is about their Ab or Abhay’s dream to cover India by road, Sashank or our foodie’s love to explore different kinds of food and Unnati or Unns as close people call her who joins them. Unnati is Sasha’s girlfriend and an Assistant RJ. Ab not only wanted to travel but capture their journey as well so Unnati was the voice in the journey. Ab the mastermind.

This book has the perfect masala which keeps you intrigued. The adventure throughout the trip, romantic drama, funny moments and friendship. Pre the trip the regular mundane life and post the trip the newer perspective.

How does the change happen?

What exactly happened that changed the life of these 3 people?


This book is not spiritual don’t worry no gyaan, just a lifetime memorable journey captured.

It’s really tempting to divulge many things with you all but don’t want to steal the charm of reading it.

My lessons –

“No more turning back and no regrets.”

I can only work in the direction of life and give my best shot. What happens will define my future and I know it would be the best for me.

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  1. I’ve heard so many positive reviews about this book and hope I soon get to read. Inspiring, it seems. I wanna travel the world and make the moolah for it. Perhaps, later starting my own firm.

    1. yup…actually it takes courage to take such a step. I took lot of time because wanted to read the book in peace. It brings out our hidden wishes somewhere that yes we can achieve it sometime.

  2. Looks like an interesting book on travel based story. I liked your take back of no regrets and no looking back – that’s a pretty neat perspective

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