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I love gifting and receiving gifts, I think we all do. It brings out the child within us, what say?

When I gift someone, I put a lot of effort. I really do. I try to understand the person and their likes and dislikes. I search for gifts, plan it and lot of thoughts go behind it. Gifts might remain the same but I try and bring out something different.

So I thought let’s do a post with some gifting ideas for different personalities or occasions or situations. Gifting should not be restricted to Valentine’s Day I feel. You should keep surprising and showering love whenever you feel like. Gifts are for everyone, anytime. Try gifting a person who is stuck or sad, it would bring a smile. Gifting can help in building relationships.

Let’s start…

For the complications in life:

We have a newly launched range by Melorra – “It’s Complicated.” Love is a feeling which keeps the zeal in anyone’s life, however, it does not remain untouched with the ups and downs.You smile, you cry but can’t stop loving. This is a special collection is dedicated to the ups and downs of love.

Taking inspiration from the ups and downs of a relationship some of the key pieces will have black diamonds, while others will feature gold that has been twisted and layered to demonstrate the complex forms of love. To represent the myriad kinds of love, the collection will have different kinds of gold finishes like satin, high polish and matte polish styles. The range will also carry designs with white, yellow and rose gold in earrings, necklaces, love bands and chokers.

Can’t we have a piece of jewellery which brings the smile and a remembrance of the tough times and happiness which it brought?

Shop this collection on

Think of Household stuff:

Wonderchef Lui L’Espresso: Keep your loved ones forever energized by Wonderchef’s Lui L’ Espresso coffee machine which is made of easy to use capsule system through which you can keep them full of energy and its built-in steam arm allows you to texture milk perfectly for luxurious cappuccino or latte foam to give you an essence of a great coffee.

Availability- Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal,

Health Related:

Fit Bit Band: Encourage your loved ones for a healthy lifestyle. Gift them a Fit Bit band. You can find out the detailed information about the covered distance, time, heart rate, body temperature and many other useful data with just one touch of a finger. Smart technology responds to your movements. As soon as you raise your hand, the bracelet will display the current time easily and conveniently. Fitness tracker and watch two in one.

Lechal Smart Insoles: Lechal insoles and buckles, an innovation by Ducere Technologies, does exactly the same. If you want to run with your hands free, this wearable is just meant for you. All you have to do is, just connect the insoles or the buckles to the Lechal app, slide them into your shoes and get real time update of your fitness & navigation through haptic feedback – the sense of touch using vibrations. Its user-friendly interface allows easy access to turn-by-turn navigation, creating custom workouts, setting fitness goals and much more

For the Perfume lovers:

All Good Scents -Love & Joy: This fragrance is a combination Freesia, Rose, Magnolia and White Musk. Trust me you would love this fragrance. I don’t like stronger fragrances. It lasts for a longer duration and works well on your pocket too. Try this for sure.

Titan Skinn Gift Set for a couple: A couple perfume set from a good brand is worth your money.

Disclaimer: The product has been picked up through secondary sources.

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