#Review: Terra Chips

Chips and me are best friends forever..

Pattu: Yeh awaaz kaise aa rahe hai..

TTD: Maanu ke desk se aa rahe hai. Zarur wafers kha rahe hoge..

They come to my desk and pick up their share.. We are giggling and I show them my drawer full of wafers. We are talking and our boss comes…

Boss: You are fasting only to eat wafers I am sure of it. Itne packet kaise fast?

Michki: That’s what she does Boss. Everyone starts giggling to glory….

You think this will stop me from eating wafers. Nahi! This was a regular incident which happened. Me and my chips stories. I was caught because of that noise you see otherwise no body could tell I was having wafers…

Having a science background I know all the do and don’t but nothing can stop my love for it. I may reduce the quantity though with a heavy heart.

Fried is the choice but I have experimented with my types of wafers liked baked and all. Some experiences have been good and some just fine. I came across Terra chips. I think one of the most colorful chips I have come across, others have been colored with salts but these are different.

“Terra Chips are an explosion of colours, textures, flavours and tastes and that too made out of real vegetables.”

What Veggies – Real vegetable chips made of  Yuca, Parsnip, Naturally Blue Potato, Ruby Dipped Vegetables, Sweet Potato, Batata and Taro

What it looks like – Here you go…

Blog 71 - Terra Chips - 2.png

Flavours which I have tried

 – Original – Sea Salt: Veggies with their original taste with some sea salt added

 – Blues – Sea Salt: Naturally Blue Potato with their original taste with some sea salt added

 – Mediterranean – Herbs and a Hint of Lemon: Veggies and Herbs great combination this is.. like the taste

Overall view – I think if you like chips, you should try it out. We are accustomed for potato chips and these are Real vegetable chips is a much better option. Has original veggie taste to. You get a sweet and salty taste not very strong. Not artificial colors or anything but beet juice concentrate for color. Considering our Lifestyle its good Healthy snacking option.

Where to Buy – Amazon, Big Basket, Godrej Nature’s Basket and FoodHall

Wana Find out more –

– Head to Website: http://terrachipsindia.com/
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/terrachipsindia/

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