Aisa toh hai nahi ki hum pehle baar baat kar rahein hain. We chit chat everyday..  shayad pehle baar likh rahein hoon khul ke…Hmmm…

Every moment, I have various expressions for you sometime you surprise me, give me love and sometimes I have nothing to say – you make me mad. Hamara toh woh haal hai na tere bin jee sakte hain and cant die too… Why you do this Zindagi? May be today you can answer me..kabhie toh bol bhi do??

Sometimes you go so slow aisa lagta hai time is not moving and sometimes zup zup zup and gone…

Looking back at you I feel phew!  is that me. You made me learn so much, ya made me go through some tough times for it though. I know when you have made me cry,  God has given me the strength to walk ahead. In those moments I feel like punching you and ask   “Problem kya hai, kitna aur ladna hai” phir I say chuck it. All will be well, I am sure there is sunshine ahead.

You have given me a loving family and great friends – most of the times I forgive you because I have them samjhe na! I love the time spend with all and miss them in my moments. I don’t say always  – you are always in my memory and my good wishes always.

You have given me definition and reason to live always. You made me person who is proud of herself. I cant Thank you enough for that but zyada bhav khane ke zarurat nahi hai. Let my journey be memorable and worth it.

Tu kya cheez hai zindagi joh roz pane badalte hai

Kabhie muskurate chupe hai tujhme

Kabhie gham ke pitare hain

Kabhie Madham se tere chal hai

Kabhie tez takraar hai

Tu kya cheez hai zindagi joh roz pane badalte hai

Kuch yaadon ke bulbule hai tujhmein

Kuch seekhein joh tune sikhayein hai

Kuch pyaar bhare saathi hai

Kuch dard ke saaye hai

Tu kya cheez hai zindagi joh roz pane badalte hai

Tujhse bair toh namunkin hai

Sangi hai tu umar bhar ki

Manzil bhi tujhse hai

Rasta bhi tu he hai


#DearZindagi I don’t know what is in-store for me in the future but I just wana say that be with me always. I  ask you to be my friend and support me, like a lover care for me , like a family be with me and like a teacher help me grow. I wish to be a good human being to be loved and spread cheer and happiness everywhere.

you better stop fighting with me always and give me only good things. You can make a princess or a millionaire but you won’t irritate me and frustrate me. Yeh final decision hai haan. You will always be a good listener to me and give me pleasant and great journey ahead full of love and support. Promise?



“I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda


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