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I started writing poems and more of shayari from my school and college days… I never shared it with anyone. My first was a song and then small hindi poems or shayari. Till date I could never write a song again. Ya, I continue writing poems.

Sharing a small incident…Once there was no electricity and I love watching the full moon and wrote something. It was one of my initial few poems and I felt I wrote something fair enough. My brother saw it and started to read. We were small, we fought, I took the paper and tore it. I regret it but I somehow did not want him to read.

I consider myself a amateur poet and now after reading so many lovely poems I have a long journey ahead. I might write and not like myself. Poetry for me doesn’t happen when I say I wana write now types. On days or even months I cant think of anything, I am blank. Sometimes it just flows….

I have a bag of my poems still written on paper.. I still have to write it properly.

I am #Thankful that I can write and express my feelings through my poetry. I hope and pray I keep following my heart and write.


Maan banjara he sahi,
Sacha pyaar toh ek se judke zindagi bhar saath nibhane mein hai…
Nazarein toh lakhon he sahi,
Par saare nazare ek he mein dekhne mein hai…
Bhatak ke toh thak jaoge,
Sukoon kabhie nahi paoge,
Ek ke saath chalke manzil tak pahunchne mein hai


I link this post to #ThankfulThursdays..

Till the next. Take Care. Share what you are #Thankful about today. Remember thinking about this can lead you to some funny, happy, sad moments of your life but ultimately you would feel happy that you have something to #Thank for Today and always.


Tina Basu



  1. What I love about this post is you are honest about trying. Writing is difficult and poetry is very challenging.
    I for one am clueless about poetry.Enjoyed reading the poem too.Nothing succeeds like success.
    Try its happening. Thanks for linking up with Thankful Thursday

  2. Manisha that’s a nice habit to have. I love writing too and often experiment with different forms of writing. Thanks for linking to #ThankfulThursdays

  3. hey, you write very well. I too write sometimes. But, my mom is great. She has a huge file of her urdu poetry. Sadly, she does not know how to use the PC/ipad. I think I will help her 🙂
    Thanks for the idea!

  4. Such a mesmerizing poem capturing the mind. The first one I wrote was in 10th when I fell for a girl at the bus stop and lacked courage to give it to her. It was published in college. Later in college, I wrote another one.

  5. It has been a good year, but even if it wasn’t, I would be thankful for writing. Even when it’s hard, even when I want to quit, I know that some of my best and proudest moments have come out of my writing. Writing has been a gift to me. I’m most satisfied when I can take complex ideas and thoughts and turn them into something simple, clean, and beautiful. I don’t always achieve that, but I’m grateful I get to strive for it. Yes, Writing Is Difficult. Be Thankful Anyway.

  6. Its neat to know how you are developing your poetry skills. Nice poem. Just one feedback – reading hindi in english is a little tedious – maybe you could just write in hindi only…

  7. Hi, i totally agree with you because i started my blog with the same concept. I am also amateur but unless we dont share, we never will. Keep writing and keep blogging….cheers n good luck

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