WOW: When I was a child…

When I was a child – I was quiet and tensions were at bay

When I was a child – My brother was my fighting partner and friend in all days

When I was a child – Chocolates were the only thing in my sun and rain. night and day

When I was a child – Mum was the world and Dad the superhero

When I was a child – The scariest was the PTA Meetings  and results on the way

When I was a child – Festivals meant holiday time is nearing

When I was a child – Summer holidays meant time with cousins and grandparents

When I was a child – Birthdays meant cakes and Rasna with samosa

When I was a child – Occasions was wearing the new pink frock with lace

When I was a child – Shopping was going out and family time

When I was a child – Sleep was friendly during exams

When I was a child – Rs 5 was so much pocket money

When I was a child – Evenings meant playing hide and seek

… I Wish I was a child again to re-live those moments not just in my memories. The best part of anyone’s life is “When I was a child.” The time will come and go but this time would be etched forever.

My Partner in Crime – My bro


Happy Children’s Day – Always Keep Your Child feeling alive in your heart no matter what life has in-store always.. It will help you keep fighting and spread happiness around you.


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    1. Bingo… simple things gave all the happiness not that as a child you dont have problems… but you problems & tears are solved by simple solutions like choclates 😊 Thanks a lot Vishal

  1. Your post made me smile, Manisha! Esp the When I was a child – Birthdays meant cakes and Rasna with samosa- so true!
    We were all lucky to have innocent childhoods the memories of which keep us going. Loved reading this and going back in time:)

  2. This is so beautifully written, Manisha! Brought back so many wonderful memories of childhood. It’s only when we pass some age group, we feel that the life was good earlier. But childhood days were awesome, I miss them a lot!

    1. True Saumy we realise small pleasures of life much later.. but we can still re live those being adults. I feel we should keep our child alive inside us. Its gives the push to live life to the fullest

  3. though i am seeing your childrens day post now. but it’s really appreciable .. This is such a sweet post.. would like to know you more .. have a look on my blog too .. keep posting:)

  4. Wonderful! Made me reminisce my childhood. Loved the rasna & samosa part for they are still my favorite. PTA meetings were truly like live horror show. But they had their own charm. Evenings were always about playing, like that time could be nothing but play time. Well love the write-up. I’m new here so I’m just reading stuff & following blogs that seem interesting. Well you’ve joined my top ones. ✌

  5. Really great you are.
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    Hope my blogs touch your heart..
    Thanks & have a great time..

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