Its my Birthday….Thanks for all the Love

I started my Blogging journey exactly a year back on this date and its a year.

Celebration Time !!

Blog 67 - One Year - 1.jpg

Its an achievement and a journey to discover myself.

As a person, I always went out of my way to help everyone and share my experiences. Being like an Agony Aunt to lot of my friends and colleagues. Due to work, I used to meet a lot of people and interact with them.

I made so many observations..

I had so many thoughts..

I just penned my experiences and my blog my  platform to share.

So the birth of 🙂 🙂

I have never shared my poetry except for a few close friends and today, when it gets appreciated it means a lot.

The Last Two Months have been magical. I just signed for the #MyFriendAlexa campaign with Blogchatter,  without knowing whats the A B C of it. Coming as a second runners up was a  “Yahoo” feeling… ( cant share my dancing steps while writing though).

Blog 67 - One Year - 2.jpg

Blogchatteryou made me a Hero –  from zero to under a million – 896,807 through #MyFriendAlexa campaign. I am thoroughly enjoying my UBC campaign. It becomes tough sometimes but gives me a high. With a bubbling community of friends and mentors which I have discovered through Blogchatter I never feel alone.I cant “Thank all of you enough.”

Guess what they even sent me a Birthday Gift – I am a part of #Writeaholics. I am joining the gang of Shinjini, Anindya , Saumy, Dixita, Menaka and Dr. Anshul

I have partners in crime now -Blogbuddies. Lot of fun-times are awaiting all of us.

Blog 67 - One Year - 3.jpg

For all my followers and readers, you help me stand where I am. Thank you from my heart for all the love and appreciation, you shower on me day in and out. It means a lot !!

I continue the process of my learning and moving ahead ..

Keep walking along with me as always…

Lots of Love & Happiness…




  1. Congratulations Manisha !!
    One year completion is such a special milestone considering all That you e experienced and achieved and learnt .. Wish you a super fab next year ahead 🙂 with blog buddy you can’t imagine the way your blogging life will transform .. All the best to your group 🙂
    keep shining !

  2. Happy anniversary to ur blog. You have real awesome blog, helpful posts for everyone. Congratulation and enjoy ur happiness 👌🏻😘😘😘😘

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