सूरज की चमक है,
गंगा सी पवित्रता इनके प्यार में,
ना चाह है सोने चांदी की,
बस चाह है कुछ साथ में बिताये पलों की।
Suraj ki chamak hai,
Ganga se pavitrata inke pyaar mein,
Na chah hai sone chandi ke,
Bas chah hai kuch saath mein bitaye palone ki.
देख के एक दूसरे को,
खुशी की तरंग बहती है इनके आंखों में,
इनके बिछड़ने के आसूं तो सबको रुला देते हैं,
क्या पता है इनको,
इनकी अबोधता ही सबसे प्यारा गुण है इनका।
Dekh ke ek doosre ko,
Khushi ki tarang behte hai inke ankhon mein,
Inke bichadne ke ansun toh sabko he rula dete hain,
Kya pata hai inko,
Inke abodhata he sabse payara gun hai inka.
इनकी एक मुस्कराहट पर कई जान निसार है,
खुबसूरत है ये बचपन और उसकी दोस्ती,
मकाम तो बहुत आएंगे आगे,
दुआ है खिलखिलाती रहे इनकी ये हंसी हर मोड़ पे,
गहरी होती जाए ये दोस्ती।
Inke ek Muskurat pe kae jaan nisar hai,
Khubsurat hai yeh bachpan aur uski dosti,
Makaam toh kae ayenge aage,
Dua hai khilkhilate rahe inke yeh hasi har mod pe,
Gehre hoti jae yeh dosti.

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Image: Picture Credits - Ekta Lathi

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  1. This is such a beautiful poem And the best part is that you have put both the languages. We all need the innocence of childhood and the beauty of simple friends.

  2. Manisha reading this poem I went into flashback and one face became visible in my mind and soul… my dear first friend whom I used to call LILY although her good name is Sunanda. Since 6 months of my age we know each other and used to play when both our moms used to bring us together… that pure friendship, that spark in her eyes , that naughty smile, those secret discussions, cute fights and again hugging back……My first friend now a lady, professor, mother, wife , daughter and a avid traveller…. such friendships are blessings and perhaps the best ever for me.

  3. Beautiful poem. Children are so innocent. They don’t makes friends based on anything, they just do. Some are lucky to have them last all their lives.

  4. Such a beautiful piece and reading it in Hindi was such a treat. It reminded me of that video online of two kids running at each other after school. Such innocence. And so precious.

  5. lovely poem Manisha… made me nostalgic. hmmmm childhood…. the best best time of my life n the best innocent friendships were made at that time I guess.

  6. Wow manisha… I can completely relate to the nostalgia and longing you feel for your childhood friendship. It’s incredible how certain poses or moments can transport us back to those cherished times. Childhood friendships hold a special place in our hearts, and they often leave an indelible mark on our lives. Though we may move on and embark on different paths, the memories and bonds we shared remain a significant part of who we are.

  7. Childhood experiences are the best. Innocence, friendship, positivity for life, it has everything. You’ve captured it’s essence so beautifully, Mahek!

  8. Childhood is the best part of our lives. Once that golden period is gone, we lose the purity of our hearts. Lovely poem.

  9. Children are innocent until society teaches them everything wrong. Is this a nostalgic poem about your childhood or a dedication to a friend?

  10. My Hindi is not so good but I could understand your words well. They are really beautiful and it took me back to my young age.

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