Importance of “Me Time” for Stay At Home Mom

Parenting journey is rewarding however it comes with its own set of downs as well. Both parents play a critical role in the upbringing of the child however, for a stay at home like myself the routine kind of completely revolves around my little one. This post is a heartfelt one.

As a new mother we are prone to high sensitivity towards our child, they become the center of our life. My little one is 4, in the last 5 years including my pregnancy journey life has taken a 360 degree change. The first year was critical and we are not born pro with handling kids, she was my first born and I have no experience of handling kids in the family, it was a complete learning experience for me. As she grew I thought that I would start channeling my life considering the new addition and get some time for myself, however I fell into the continuous loop of delaying it as I could not find the time to do it.

The pandemic era had its own plusses and minuses but again it kind of restricted my outlet for forming a routine. I was writing and doing multiple things which I did not do before still, the feeling of monotony which was there inside continued. I tried to get small breaks but it was not that rejuvenating. These feeling leaves you with dissatisfaction you get irritated with things, with your folks but the real reason hides somewhere inside you. Physically you may look fine but mental health is key to a good life. A travel experience gave me the deserved time I wanted for myself.

Many a times we know things but are unable to bring them in practice, I am no different. I don’t wish to preach many things but a few which worked for me and can be followed.

Take time to travel

Travelling has always had a positive impact on me. Be it a solo travelling or with your immediate family – spouse and child do it as many times as you can. You may ask me that what is the use of travelling with family, where is the “me time” in this case. Its true that you don’t have a dedicated me time in this scenario but you are exploring a new environment away from the daily chores of your life which is energizing in itself and who says who cant snatch away sometime for spa or swimming or any simple activity as simple as a walk just by yourself.

Pick A Hobby

As simple as it may sound its not easy to follow. I tried to pick small activities but either I did not pursue it further or left many things half way. There was and still a lack of consistency however, it doesn’t mean you give up. With lot of efforts I have tried to follow my passion which took a backseat. Don’t give up, with constant push you will be get there. I may be the slowest but I feel if I can follow all of you moms are superheroes, you will do it.

Healthy Living

Eat healthy and sleep a lot. Stay At Home Moms are sleep deprived I share from my experience. There were times when I could not complete 8 hrs. of sleep and felt lethargic throughout the day. I learnt it the hard way. A good 8 hrs. of sleep in essential for physical as well as mental well-being. Eat healthy, have your cheat days and sleep well.

Enjoy the small pleasures of life. Its ok to ask for support, we are already doing a lot. They say it right that it takes a whole village to bring up a child, mother plays the primary role but having a support system will be of great help. Cut off the negativity, easier said than done. With motherhood I have seen the pressures from family and friends increase we burden ourselves with unnecessary expectations – don’t do it.

These are some experiences which I have learnt the hard way. It has always been on my mind but sharing took some amount of courage. If it helps any single mother I would feel good that I could be of help.

Take care and remember – “No one can play your role better than you!”

“This post is a part of Wellness Hour Blog Hop by Rakhi Jayashankar and Swarnali Nath” 

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Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post. Its content are shared based on personal experience.


  1. A must read post for all SAHM. Me being one i find solace in all the pointers you mentioned.One more thing that works like magic for me is to hang around with my girl gang.

  2. I agree taking me time is so important for stay-at-home moms. Travelling is therapeutic, at least you get a good break from your daily routine.

  3. Me time is extremely important for stay at home moms. I have seen my mom juggling with daily chores, fulfilling her duties and responsibilities for every member of the family and finding time to sit for singing or doing crafts. At a point she left everything for us. But now I encourage her to find some time for her leisure and do some relaxing activities to rest her brain. Your pointers are helpful for all moms. Thanks for joining us and making the blog hop successful. Grateful for your contribution and participation to the wellness hour blog hop. Gratitude.

  4. Your candid sharing about your journey resonates deeply. Your advice on perseverance, healthy living, and seeking support is truly heartwarming. Thank you for reminding us that embracing small joys and seeking help when needed is the real superhero way. Your words matter and inspire.

  5. When we give birth to a child, it becomes your world. But seldom anyone tells you about the need for having time for yourself. I’m happy that now discussions are rife about the need for that quality time with yourself

  6. Me time is important for all, specially for new moms. With so much happening in their life and hormones acting up, me time is certainly crucial. Thanks for bringing this up and highlighting it’s importance.

  7. This post resonates deeply with me. As a working-from-home mom, finding moments for myself has been a challenge. Your words highlight the importance of “me time” for mental well-being. Traveling and pursuing hobbies are indeed wonderful ways to rejuvenate. Your journey serves as an inspiration for all moms striving to find that balance.

  8. This is so relatable, it’s very very difficult for me to get some time with 2 kids and with 2years difference. Wel it very difficult initially and nobody ever told me about there is something called me time. But now gradually when kids started growing up and kids started sleeping by 8pm, I got that Me time, It’s blissful. My kinda me time is to walk for an hour while talking to my Mom or Mominlaw or sisters. And once in a week I simply sir with a cup of cold coffee and relish it without with a book and no interruption. 😋 And I am are set and refreshed for the next week.

  9. Me time is so important but it is just waved off by everyone saying it is not really needed. I have picked a hobby by writing my heart out and I love every moment of it!

  10. My mom has been a SAHM and I feel bad that she never got a chance to experience life as an individual. I feel that moms are such wonderful people, how they can go on giving selflessly. I wish they would really use these tips and lead a wonderful life as individuals too. Everyone needs ‘me time’.

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