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Music touches one’s soul, I am sure many would be in agreement with me. Dance is my passion and music is something which chose me that’s what I feel. I developed a liking to listening and singing songs because it was been taught in the school. I am an amateur I did not pursue it further ahead in life however, I keep my love going on by listening and singing at home with my family. My partner and my kiddo both enjoy singing so I can say we make a great team at home 🙂

Thanks to Anaaya we kind of get updated of the latest songs which are popular in Bollywood films and music albums. I see a surge of music albums since the last year, some of them are good. When it comes to our Bollywood films, the trend is quite different. Every decade in Bollywood films kind of had its own individualist music sense. We have had some great musicians and lyricists who have composed music that still remains fresh in our minds.

The question which is open for debate is about the current music trends – lyrics, tunes and song. My take on it is that the lyrics of most of the songs don’t make any sense to me and there is a dearth of songs which will remain in our minds for a longer duration, unlike older times. We had some stalwarts in the decades gone by – Mohd. Rafi Sahab and Kishore Kumar songs are evergreen, when we need to introspect we can always look forward to some ghazals by Jagjit Singhji and Pankaj Udhasji while, Pancham Da gave us some lifetime memorable songs. Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosale have been veterans for so many decades however, in 80s and 90s we had Kumar Sanu, Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik and many more.

Every decade gave us some soulful music, something to remember. Irrespective of when we were born I am confident that most of us would have our favourites across different decades which we still love to remember for every mood and season. Whether this sentiment holds for the current decade songs I am not so sure. I look forward to knowing your thoughts on this subject, it will surely help me gain newer perspectives.

Recently we went to a musical program which had Mohd. Rafi and Kishore Kumar songs. It was the first time when we took our 4 yr. old for such a programme. This also became the prime reason for finally making me write my thoughts which was on my mind for a very long time about the Bollywood music we have been exposed to.

As expected the songs were pretty new for her, however, at the end of the show she did pick up few songs by their tunes.

As parents we have consciously taken steps to introduce old songs to Anaaya, what the future holds we have no idea however, we do intent to expose her to old melodies which we feel is the real gold.

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  1. The beauty about music is that it’s ageless. It is never old, even though those who make it are not on Earth. I love hearing songs from every era. And it’s really nice to know that you are introducing the same to your baby girl. Wonderful way to get her to know more about music.

    1. That,s great to know Ambica that you enjoy music across and I agree with you that music is ageless. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. I do not know any Bollywood Songs but I know when it comes to appreciating music, the older you get, the more you appreciate the music of the past. I remember hating the music my dad or mom would play in the car (60s-80s music) Nowadays, you’d hear me belting out those same songs more than the ones I grew up (90s music) which is also btw old by now. Oh life, I’m loving it!

  3. Me and my husband both are inclined towards Bollywood music a lot. If I specially talk about my husband he is more in love with old songs and for me, I love soft music and also with Rhythms. Grew up hearing the songs of Kishor Kumar, Ashaji, Lata ji, Manna De, R D Burman and many more. Slowly I fell in love with the songs of Kumar Shanu, Udit Narayan and Pankaj Udhas…. I love Bollywood old music and I will love to download this same emotion to my little one for old bolly music. But how and how much to accept is solely his choice and liking. After all he too have his own personal choices and I do respect that.

  4. Me being a singer and Composer, I completely agree lyrics are of those olden days, I also do the same when I write songs make it meaningful and touching not heart but soul.

    1. wow, live concerts are gaining a lot of appreciation these days. We can never forget or thank enough these legendary singers and their voices that soothed us and left an eternal mark on our hearts.

  5. Absolutely! Music has this incredible ability to touch our souls and create a deep resonance within us. It’s fascinating how it seems to have chosen both of us, and it’s even more delightful to hear that we share a passion for dance, especially classical. Although I didn’t pursue it professionally either, it remains a cherished part of my life.

    It’s heartwarming to hear that you and your family keep the love for music alive by singing and enjoying it together. I can imagine the joy and melodies filling your home because my husband sings old songs daily at home in the evening. Those nostalgic tunes create such a delightful atmosphere.

    In my case, my kids are more inclined towards English songs, so I haven’t been keeping up with the latest songs or album.

  6. Old is gold. Those songs had soul and lyrics had meaning. It is so lovely to see you share the golden melodies with your daughter.

  7. I so agree with you Manisha. As parents it’s our job to make our kids understand the beauty of lyrics in old songs and the calmness in their melody. Can you believe, my 8yo daughter can hum Rafi songs as easily as she can sing Pasoori. I don’t give them a choice when I put on the songs. To balance it, I listen to Bones with them! 😁

  8. I love old Bollywood classics and melodies. It is precious to see your girl taking to the music. Recently discovered an Insta account and spent hours exploring it.

  9. Agree. New songs fade away in no time while we still hum the old ones even after 40 plus years. That’s because of the choice of lyrics primarily; you can still relate to these songs.

  10. It’s so nice that Anaaya picked up a couple of old songs… u r lucky! The minute I say hindi music to my daughters… they go ewwwwwwww!!! 😫😫😫. But I am an absolute old bollywood songs lover.. we do karaoke at home all the time n my gang of friends n I sing the same old songs over n over n over again.

  11. I agree completely. The magic of the stalwarts – Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata….it is very rare in today’s music. Very few of the new ones leave a mark and stay with you like the old ones do.

  12. I used to dislike old songs when I was a teen. Well, blame it on the age. Now I love listening to them. They are so soulful, full of meaning. Glad you had an opportunity to attend a music concert! It would’ve been a splendid experience.

  13. I have been an old soul since the start. I have always enjoyed the old Hindi songs much more than the new ones. If one goes through my playlist they are gonna find mostly the old gems. I’m a person who looks for lyrics and good music and songs than the loud beats that are part of many songs nowadays.

  14. I agree with you, Mahek. We must introduce thr golden period of music with our children. They should know that great singers like Mohammed Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, Hemant Kumar, and Mukesh made Bollywood music what it is today!

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