Gift “Her” with Handcrafted Wallets this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we all are geared up to surprise our loved ones. Love doesn’t need a specific day as its constant, but we all love to be pampered; therefore, such occasions just give us an additional reason or opportunity as I say to spoil our loved ones.

With the D-day arriving soon, we are enveloped with the obvious question in our mind – ‘What can I gift which is not run of the mill?’ The options are more or less limited, but these days we have the option of customisation, which makes the difference.

I always gift something special to my Mom for Valentine’s because Valentine’s is for all your loved ones, right? She had casually mentioned to me that she wanted a wallet as her current one has got a bit old. Taking a cue from this I was searching online for women’s wallet which was something different and came across a website called – ‘Kompanero.’

The brand name is inspired by the Spanish word which means ‘Companion’, their idea was inspired by the closeness representation of arm in arm, defining one who cares for each other.

What should out for me in this brand?


The available designs of wallets are suitable for all age groups. They are handcrafted in leather with distinctive weathered looks, contemporary designs giving a vintage appeal. These products will always remain evergreen.

Product and Packaging:

90% of their leather products are vegetable tanned in their tanneries. They follow the best ethical practices to present you with the best quality product. They avoid the usage of plastic or PU material with leather forming the core of the product along with cotton linings.

These are handcrafted which means each piece is made separately and piece-dyed separately. They only dye the required area and not the entire sheet of leather. This process helps them to reduce product wastage and pollutants. This may limit the number of products made but helps them to have unnecessary inventory and its much more sustainable in the long run.

The quality is impeccable which makes the product last for really long.

The product is packed in a breathable bio-degradable cloth bag which keeps away the dust and extends the shelf life with protection from sun exposure, colour transfer and moisture.

Vocal for Local:

It’s ‘Made in India” product, and these days we all are taking a conscious decision of supporting our homegrown companies.

Starting as a small store in 2014 in Bangalore, this is very own Indian multinational if I have to say. The brand is quite popular in Australia and plans to build its presence in the UK as well. They have 25 stores PAN India with an online shopping facility to cater to our folks.

Along with handcrafted bags for both men and women, in 2017 they even started handcrafted footwear.

Being a Responsible Corporate Organisation:

The company is associated with school and hostel funded by Ramakrishna Mission, where they provide training and employment to visually, and auditory challenged destitute girls. Along with this 1% of their annual sales goes in supporting these girls.

For me, the brand quality and values also form an important factor in the buying process, so ‘Kompanero’ became my choice for gifting this Valentine’s Day.

Pic Credits: Brand Website & Featured Image: Pixabay

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