Buying a New Water Purifier? You Must Read This!

One of our family members recently purchased a new house and they were trying to set up
their place. During one of the discussions, they asked us about our experience about water
purifiers. We shared the same and they asked us for our help in shortlisting one since we
had some knowledge about the same.

Whenever we plan to buy something new, our first step is to go to Google and do some searching around. There were some product recommendations which popped up and some informational sites. I went through some products and websites and happened to come across –

Post this discovery I kind of just found the exact product I wanted to suggest to the family
and I did not have to spend a lot of time searching on the internet.
You may ask me why this particular website stood out for me; well, the reasons are as

Website: is a website which provides unbiased, honest and useful information about water purifiers. It’s completely dedicated to help you understand about the different water purifying options, details, prices and also available offers.


It’s a one stop destination to aid the decision-making process.

Information about types of water purifiers:

This website gives a detailed understanding on the different types of water purifying options
available in the market and the advantages/limitations of the same. This information helps
us narrow down on the type of water purifier which would suit our needs. Also, I can see a
wide range of products available at one place instead of individually searching on different

Don’t forget to check out their detailed water purifier buying guide.
I found the below table particularly very useful. This table will help you quickly shortlist an
appropriate water purification technology according to the quality and source of water.


Complete information about the brands and products in one go


They have information about all the current brands in the market with their product offerings.


You can get a comprehensive snapshot of the brand and then have a look at their products.

You can also know which brands are recommended, their service policies and customer contact details.

Comparison of Brands:

They have updated price list of all the available brands in the market.


You just need to check the water purifiers price list. Click on the compare option which lets you compare multiple products side-by-side and help you shortlist the product which is best suitable as your needs.

This website not only helps you shortlist the best & recommended product but also lists the latest deals and offers available for those products.


They also have updated blog which helps with latest updates about products and relevant topics. The blog section features useful articles for both new buyers and people already using a water purifier.

While browsing their website, I discovered, each month they review and publish a list of 10 best water purifiers. You will find this very useful if you don’t want to waste too much of your time researching.


I immediately subscribed to this website which has over 10000 subscribers to keep myself updated.

Water is one of the key components of our existence. We don’t need to emphasize on how important it is to ensure that every drop that we drink is pure.  Whether we like it or not but water purifiers have become an essential part of our lives.

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  1. Selecting the best purifier for our home is definitely a significance task as market is full of fake promises. thanks for sharing so much of details of the most reliable sitee where just one click can solve our all the queries. The best thing I like is comparative study.

  2. I bought one just a month ago after so much deliberations. I didn’t want to go for RO as I do not like wasting water so opted for the Classic Aquaguard. Wish i had read your blog earlier.You have listed it out in so much detail.

  3. Good to know about this site. Nowadays market is full of new brands and products. Choosing the right product I that is suitable for us is the difficult task. Websites like these are the great help.

  4. Thanks for the information. As kids often fall.sick due to water change, best water purifiers is one of the best way to avoid water infections.
    Will look onto that website too.

  5. You have put in so much research into this. It is a very helpful post indeed. Buying the right water purifier is very important. The health of all the family members is dependent on the water you drink and hence the purifier has to be good. You have detailed out everything very well.

  6. I have not heard of the website but looks like one to check out before buying a purifier. I liked the way the have presented the information that is easy to follow.

  7. Water purifier is the necessity of everyone. The quality of water is getting down day by day. This one seems a good one, and you have included a lot of information about it.

  8. Wow, this is such a resourceful site. I wish I had come across this site when I brought my water purifier two years ago.
    I remember being confused with the variety of options available in the market and the mixed reviews all the brands garnered, however I went with Hindware Brand as one of my husband’s uncle had worked with various brands and he had suggested us Hindware for its quality, durability and after sales services.

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