5 Reasons Why Women need Protein Powder

A balanced meal is imperative for overall nourishment of the body. Each component holds its significance in the diet chart. One such component is the proteins.

You may wonder what proteins is?

Well, protein is a macronutrient which we get from the food we consume. Proteins help to

  • maintain the structure of cells, hair, bones and connective tissue, 
  • for the enzymes that digest food, 
  • for antibodies that keep the immune system functioning 
  • for muscle strength and mass 
  • for energy

Protein deficiency can lead to being tired/weak, damaged hair/nails/skin, feeling of hungriness, slow healing of wounds etc.

Next, comes in mind, why do we women need it?

Everyone needs proteins in their diet right from babies to adults. Women tend to consume less of proteins which make them deficient. There is a myth that having more proteins would lead to bulky bodies, which comes with a lot of hard work.

Five reasons women must consume protein are as follows:

Protein for weight control

Proteins tend to keep you fuller for a longer duration than carbohydrates because it takes time to digest. It also essentially means you consume non-essential/junk food lesser, and your cravings for snacks is reduced. Dairy products, lean meats, poultry, seafood, legumes, tofu, quinoa, almonds, nuts, and chia seeds are a few options rich in proteins. 

One Expert Tip ▶️ Spread the intake of protein throughout the day, and it works well. Along with your regular food options try a protein powder for women it comes in multiple flavour options you can have it with milk or water, and you can make some fantastic smoothies and other delicacies with it. It takes care of your taste buds too.

Protein for lean muscle growth

Building lean muscle helps the body’s ability to burn more fats. The more muscle tissue you have higher is the metabolic rate. When you have healthy muscles means the body would send calories to be burned them rather storing as fats. Proteins help to build lean muscle tissue which increases metabolism and fat-burning abilities.

Protein for bone health

Women are prone to osteoporosis. Most of us associate that Calcium and Vitamin D is essential for strong and healthy bones; however, proteins play a role too. Studies indicate that high protein diets help in increased bone mineral density levels and reduced bone loss rates.

Protein for hair, skin, and nails

Collagen, which forms 70% of our skin composition is a protein. Collagen declines in the body with age, so lack of collagen we witness early signs of ageing. 

Our nails are also formed of proteins so brittle and thin nails are a sign of protein deficiency.

Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin which keeps it shiny, strong and healthy-looking.

So, proteins have a huge role to play in the way we look so having them again becomes important for we women.

Protein for a healthy immunity system

Staying healthy means having a good immune system. Antibodies present in our body that help keep all the illnesses at bay are largely made of proteins.

Proteins are vital in our diet, and we should consume it in various forms for our overall growth.

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  1. I never really knew that even there are supplements for women too.! But thank you for introducing us to the favt that even we can have protein or supplements for healthy lifestyle and body❤️

  2. Protein powder is not requiere for all the cases. But yes protein is must for all the women. Include plant based or animal based protein in your diet.

  3. I am one of the best protein consumer in form of fish, eggs and other choices, but still I am unable to manage my hairfall. All reports come perfect but still my hairfall wont stop

  4. I feel right amount of protein is required for everyone. Often we tend to neglect the intake and usually have less proteins than what is required by our body. The benefits listed here are apt and proteins help our bodies in every way.

  5. I think protein is very important for everyone and right amount of protein is always need to intake to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Great Article

  6. Women are so ill informed about Protein Supplements. Detailed and informative posts like yours can help them gain the right perspective. Such a helpful post, Manisha.

  7. I have been seeing a lot of protein powders in the market but was skeptical about its usage. But I decided to learn more about it and have been using Oziva protein powder for women since the last one year. I can already feel the difference in my health. Great post, Manisha.

  8. I initially ha dthe thought that it’s only for people who hit the gym . I recently discovered women need this too even if they didn’t workout. Your post is an eye-opener on LL the benefits.

  9. With a detailed post on Protein I am sure I am going to get my protein intake distributed through out the day. Iiked how you categorised different food for different body parts.

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