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Easy styling guide for ladies sandals with Traditional Dresses


I believe in this quote. You would be dressed up perfectly for the occasion, but if your shoes and accessories are a misfit, then your look has gone for a toss. A lot of people read about your personality via the way you present yourself and the shoes you wear during interviews or social gatherings, so wearing the right footwear plays a significant role. Always keep in mind the phrase – “Shoes speak louder than words.”

As you already know, different outfits call for different shoes; today, I would like to focus on the styling options for traditional dresses. However, before jumping in the types of ladies’ sandals best suited for your attire, I would like you to keep in mind a few pointers before picking one for yourself.

Pointers to keep in mind before buying any ladies sandals –

Comfort and fit:

  • Wear the ladies sandals and check if the fit is proper and it’s comfortable to wear and walk. 
  • Remember wearing an uncomfortable shoe for a longer duration can lead to leg pain, sprains and shoe bites.
  • Try and walk on different surfaces to determine if you can walk around easily, especially in case of heels. There should be some gap between the toe and the sandal it should not squeeze against each other. At the same time, it should not be too loose that the sandal comes out.
  • Brands may have different shoe size definitions so always check and buy.

Time of buying:

As we progress in the day, increased blood circulation feet swell our feet. So, the ideal time to buy a ladies’ sandal would be in noon or evening to get the right fit.

Quality of the product:

While buying online check the product description to know the fabric and the material of the sandal. One must always know which material is best suited and comfortable for them as it should not hurt you in any way. Right footwear eases out a lot of pressure from your legs so focus on quality. Good quality also would ensure the longevity of the shoe.

Let’s dive in the types of ladies’ sandals suited for traditional dresses:

Saree, Lehenga or Sharara:

Party ladies sandals would be the perfect choice to pair up with a saree, lehenga or sharara. I would consider this category more of the party, festive and wedding wear, as per the preference you can choose a medium or high heeled sandal. A wedge heel or high block for the people who want some comfort in their heels or you can pick a stiletto. If you are uncomfortable in heels, don’t worry, we have some fab options available in flats and lesser heels too. 

Ladies a tip, go experiment with colours while choosing the perfect footwear unlike the regular gold or silver choice, try red or a multi-coloured sandal option.

Salwaar Kameez or Palazzos/ Kurtis:

There would be two occasions when you would wear these one could be on a professional front and other casual ones.

For the professional scenario chose something which you can wear for longer duration and its not very glaring to the eyes and outfit. It can be a bit subdued.

While for a casual outing, add a zing of colour and style to enhance your overall style.


There could be overlap in choice when it comes to traditional dresses and salwar kameez depending on look and occasion. A lot would depend on the outfit style, but some ladies sandals options for a maxi dress could be as follows.

These were some of my recommendations. Do share your views and choice. I would be happy to know more.


  1. Some of these flats don’t suit my feet because I already have really flat feet that are quite cranky with many footwear. I really love these ethnic footwear though.

  2. I prefer wearing flats or platform heels and I am someone who would stick to only 2-3 footwears and mix match them with all my outfits. I badly needed this guide to revamp my styling.

  3. such a lovely pointers and for me when I buy shoes Comfort is most important… otherwise my legs start painting.

  4. You know dear your post has reminded me indian shopping where I used to buy many traditional and colorful sandals for matching with traditional outfit and sakwar kameez. Here in USA we didn’t get that kind of options. Will keep your suggestion in mind when next time visit India and do footwear shopping.

  5. This post is so relatable. Whenever my better half buys an outfit for any occasion, she always make a point to buy a matching shoe to go with it. Comfort and style has to be just perfect for her.

  6. I really love all the sandals and will recommend to my partner. And these are some amazing tips and pointers. Thanks for sharing.

  7. thats really insightful. comfort & fir is very important while choosing a perfect pair of shoes specially choosing footwear for ethnic dress.

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