Key Takeaways from IPL 2020 – Beyond Cricket!

As I write this, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) beat Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) to enter into the Top 4. Expect the same excitement over the next 3 days – as the league matches conclude. It’s a thriller going right down to the last match. This is exactly what every cricket lover in our cricket crazy country loves! Having watched Indian Premier League (IPL) & seen its own set of ups & downs – I could relate so many events which can be translated to our life. Here are my 5 key takeaways from IPL 2020.

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Believe in yourself

This is what we all are always told. No matter what always believe in yourself. But what happens when the chips are down? What happens when you are visibly struggling to live up to the expectations which the team management has from you? One word – Rahul Tewatia from Rajashthan Royals (RR). He single-handedly changed the course of the match against Kings Eleven Punjab (KXIP) by hitting 5 sixes in an over! Struggled a lot during the innings but ended up winning the match. In the end, it’s all that matters – a win for the team!

Never stop practising

Remember the days when your parents kept on asking you to repeat the maths sum multiple times. All it did was made you a better student and kept you on toes for tougher exams. A name which comes to my mind is – Wriddhiman Saha from Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). For the most part of the IPL, he was not a part of playing 11. The wicketkeeping and opening responsibilities were handled by Jonny Bairstow. Due to the changes in team combination, Wriddhiman Saha got an opportunity to play and he has given a fantastic start to the team. Had he not kept up with his practice – the results could have been completely different.

Healthy competition drives the team

The only team in this IPL who hasn’t had 2 back-to-back losses is Mumbai Indians (MI). They are the only team who have qualified for playoffs. A look at that team and you would see a name in their squad – Chris Lynn. It’s unbelievable that a player of his calibre hasn’t played a game yet for MI. A strong squad keeps all the players on top of their game. Scan through the 13 matches and you would see various players putting up their hand and delivering for the team. They aren’t dependent on one player to win matches.

Mental toughness is imperative

The expectations which fans have from their favourite cricket players isn’t new. Various cricketers over the years have expressed themselves and taken a break to take a step back and regroup. This IPL makes it more unique since it is being played in a bio-secure bubble. The prevailing situation around the world moved the IPL from India to UAE under some strict conditions. Teams have been given strict guidelines & violations can lead to hefty fines & bans. What we see on the field is a cricketer displaying his craft & skill. Behind the scenes, they have to adhere to strict guidelines which keeps the IPL going on.

Never give up

Dropped shoulder, frowning faces are very common when things don’t go your way. More so when you know that time is running out and you need to brush off the earlier defeat & come out stronger to tackle the next challenge. Ask this to KXIP. They were struggling to get the right team combination and win matches. They won just 1 match out of 7. But they didn’t give up. They won next 5 matches & are fighting for a place in the playoffs.

I am sure each one of you would have your own takeaways. Keep adding to the list. I would be glad to hear from you. Keep watching and Keep enjoying this lovely game! May the best team – MI – win! 😉

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