Adieu 2020, You have been the teacher of this lifetime!

At the beginning of every new year, we are high on our spirits and have a bucket list which we would like to fulfil as we go through the year. We all have had our share of ups and downs and new year becomes a reason to begin things on a new slate.

2020 was no different for me, I did not have huge expectations however I did have a list of things which I wanted to accomplish through the year. Nonetheless, the year did not go as anticipated by anyone. Hardly into the first quarter of the year, life came to a standstill, we all faced a situation which is our first and the experience would last a lifetime.

As I reminisce the months gone by while writing this post, so many things come to my mind and I felt the best way to express few of my highs and lows of the year would be in an award-giving format.

Let’s start the ceremony of my award-winning moments of 2020:

Best Moment 2020

When Anaaya finally said the word – “Ma.” I have waited long enough since her birth to hear this.

Biggest Disappointment of the year

Not being able to celebrate & spend memorable moments with family is biggest disappointment. We complete 5 years of our marriage and I was looking forward to doing something special. However; both our birthdays and anniversary was spent in the lockdown with digital celebration. 

Biggest Regret of the year

My travel was restricted for the last 2 years; first due to pregnancy & then restricted due to my infant. So, I was looking forward to a nice vacation this year which continues to be on my to-do list for 2021. I still feel bad about it and hopeful that I can do it soon.

Unplanned Accomplishments

I am a very basic cook in a family which has very high standards of cooking. The lockdown period helped me to learn and make recipes which I never thought I would be able to successfully. I learnt how to make some sweets (special thanks to Mayuri whose recipes I followed), snacks and cake. Trust me I feel I have done some good which can suffice for this lifetime for me.

Planned Accomplishments

I intended to write more and get regular with my Blogging. I would say I did not reach 100% but I did make some traction, which was the best for me in the given circumstances.

Biggest Challenges I faced

Just when I felt that this would be the year that I would let my little one finally spend some quality time outdoors as it was the right time; she had to spent it indoors. No technology or gadget can ever replace experiences of getting your hands dirty in the mud.

Family Moment of 2020

My extended family in North India made sure that they celebrate the Birthday of each member of the family in their unique way and zoom calls were fixed for everyone. Although virtual, these zoom calls helped us keep our spirits high and have some great moments.

Best Moments with Friends

I became Masi to Reyansh and Lavanthika, pray to God both stay blessed always.

I had lost touch with my MBA friends and we were a small group so catching up with them over a zoom call was memorable. We recalled and relived some of our cherished times.

Biggest Loss

Having a memorable zoom chat with my MBA friends, we had big plans to meet this year which failed. We were quite hopeful that once things settle, we will all meet, however, we lost one of our friends due to COVID. Losing one of us was a big loss, still can’t overcome the grief in my heart. I hope God gives strength to my close friend who happens to be the spouse and the family. 

Biggest Fear

The last few days have been terrifying. The fear of things turning worst! Fortunately, things are in control and hoping things would get better eventually.

Lesson to Remember

When you are in your cocoon going through your share of ups and downs you are living and surviving your life oblivious to what’s happening next doors. However, when everyone faces the same problem although the challenges would remain different to everyone, you see humanity emerging in many forms. 

As we all have a few days left into the New Year, we all have high hopes pinned to this New Beginning to start things again on a new page. I hope the best for everyone in the upcoming year and pray to God that we all remain happy and healthy and pick the threads of things to achieve our respective goals. This year turned itself into an unexpected teacher and has given us invaluable lessons. I pray we all come out stronger as we turn a new leaf.

Lots of Love.

This blog post is part of SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi.

Picture Credits: Personal and Pixabay.


  1. There have been many accomplishments along with a few regrets, I agree. I am also a very basc cook but this lockdown taught me to make yummy rasagullas.

    1. Thats really great Geethica. Hopefully we should all meet once things are better and I will get a chance to devour those yummy rasgullas 😊

  2. Loved the way you had summerized your whole year and you know my post is quite similar to yours for theme. So sorry for your loss of friend due to covid-19. Many congratulations for completing many achievement despite having harsh situation.

  3. We all will remember this year, and admit the lows and the loss, we learnt to rejoice in little things . Lovely post Mahek, and whatever the coming year brings now you know you are stronger to face.

  4. Loved reading this post, Manisha. Hope you get to travel and meet your friends and family soon. I can just imagine your awe, delight and happiness when Anaaya must have first called you, Maa. Wishing you an awesome 2021!

  5. I also enjoyed cooking during lockdown and actually found it therapeutic. Also while going out to buy groceries was always a task for me, during lockdown I found it as an opportunity of some human interaction. Surely 2020 has been tough but the best year for learnings.

  6. Yes however bad this year has gone, we should never lose hope. Getting out was my priority too but we spent so much of time together at home that we have gotten used to each other’s presence 😀

  7. Nice take on the prompt, Manisha. I completely empathise with the various feelings this year has brought for all of us.
    I too am striving to be regular with my blog posts this year.

  8. This year was a roller coaster ride of emotions where we have seen every thing around crippled. But this year has also drawn our attention towards humanity and well being.

  9. I think most of us can relate to your post really well.. We all have good and not so good moments but whatever said and done we all have learned things which we would have never even imagined.

  10. True the year has been challenges and a great teacher. I see that there are were the highs with Ananya saying Maa. An emotional moment about counting your blessing. Like you my travel went off that was carefully planned since months and hopefully in 2021 shall look forward. The year 2020 has been testing for me with missing my friend’s wedding and few health challenges, minor of course but hope things settle down soon for all of us.

    1. Yes it was a mix bag with ups and downs. I am sure we all missed our plans this year and hopefully we would be able to achieve those in 2021. Wishing you the best.

  11. Such a wonderful read Manisha and so relatable. Even in this phase of pandemic and being cocooned at home taught me also more recipes then I would have tried otherwise. I made things that I had never tried or thought of trying ever.

  12. Thankfully, the digital celebrations did help us all stay in touch and celebrate together. Good to know your accomplishment of being called ‘Maa’ by your kiddo. That’s a forever special memory.

  13. Celebrating special occasion even if through Zoom calls must’ve felt so good. With a toddler at home you’ve done well than many of us, Manisha. Anaaya’s Maa is the cherry on the cake!

    1. Anaaya said Papa but Maa was last so I have literally waited for those words from her. Thanks Varsha… I tried my best.. I faltered in many things but tried my 100%

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