Is your child getting adequate proteins in their diet? #StaySureWithPediaSure

The one thing I prayed to God right from the time of pregnancy was: I hope my child doesn’t create a fuss & becomes selective when it comes to food. As a mother you want the best for your child. Food is no different. So, the concerned mother in me got evoked long back. I had nothing in my mind for my child except that he/she gets the right nutrition.

No matter how hard you try but these thoughts never leave you. They keep coming back like that tune which you love and can’t get out of your mind.  Now that my child Anaaya has reached a stage where having a balanced meal has become an imperative, my concern regarding nutrition is back! Keeping in mind the Indian diet I know I can meet her carbohydrate and fats requirement because that’s found in abundance in our diet. Vitamins and Minerals are important and a concern too however, I know I can manage that by giving her vegetables, fruits and nuts.

The biggest issue thus far has been dairy and proteins. Dairy is a big source of proteins along with legumes and pulses of course. While she is okay to have little yogurt mixed with her food, but milk has turned into a big NO!

You may ask me, “how does protein help with immunity in Indian kids?”

  1. A diet is incomplete without proteins. We always hope that our child is strong from inside and proteins play a crucial role in this.
  2. Proteins are building blocks of our body. They help in building and development of muscles, bones, hair and nails.
  3. They are a key factor in building a good immunity because they help form cells of the immune system and these cells are going to fight infection.
  4. Being from a healthcare background, these facts aren’t new to me. It becomes more important since lack of proteins in diet could be a deterrent in growth.

As is the practice when it comes to my kid; I raised these concerns with my pediatrician, and he suggested that I use a supplement which is safe and will help her grow in the right way. That’s how I landed with PediaSure; it has high quality protein that can supplement my child’s diet. It’s a milk powder-based supplement made in water; good for children who are fussy about milk.

Adding this to her diet ensures she gets the right amount of nutrition on a daily basis. Now my concerns have reduced to a great extent because I can see visible signs of healthy growth in my child.

What have been your major concerns as a mother and how have you dealt with them?


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  1. Really great post to ensure that children are intaking the right amount of proteins. Pediasure seems like a great supplement especially when not exposed to much protein rich foods.

  2. proper nutrition should be given to a child from birth…it will help the child immune system…very informative article

  3. Really great information. We actually ended up adding a supplement to one of my kids as well because she was going through a super picky phase and wasn’t eating the best. We found one high in protein and low in sugar and it made a world of difference in how she felt. It’s amazing what protein does for the body.

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