Weekend Spent Right with #ZEE5 Club Pack…

Every weekend we have a mahayudh going on at home to watch our preferred shows and movies. With our recent subscription to ZEE5 Club Pack we have been spoilt for choices since the offerings have become multiple. Mother-in-law wants to catch up with some Marathi serials before hand as she is occupied in the week due to her work commitments, husband dear wants to watch some news with some latest series & movies while little one demands some songs.

ZEE5 Club pack is an amalgamation of ZEE5 along with Zindagi Shows and Alt Balaji Originals. Therefore, its action packed with some wonderful series and latest movies, across genres and languages. Another wonderful benefit is that we can watch preview episodes beforehand. My mother-in-law has been the happiest with this feature as she gets to watch her serials much earlier.

My Top 5 picks for this weekend keeping in mind everyone’s wishlist are –

  • Chala Hawa Yeu Dya – This one is a family favorite. My entire family has been watching this for more than 3-4 years so this had to be on the agenda for us. It’s a light hearted comedy show with some celebrity interactions. Reserved for post dinner watch.
  • Fittrat – This is ZEE5 original series featuring Aditya Seal, Krystle D’souza, Anushka Ranjan, Aru K Verma, Divya Seth and Priyanka Bhatia. The star-cast really attracted me along with the plot of-course. The story revolves around two childhood friends Tarini Bisht (Krystle D’souza) and Amrita “Amy” Sareen (Anushka Ranjan) who are total opposite personalities. Tarini wishes for all the riches, she is a gold digger and wants to marry a Richie rich to fulfill her wishes. Her life changes when she falls in love with Veer Shergill (Aditya Seal) who happens to be Amy’s fiance. It’s a journey of two friends, what’s in-store for Tarini is what I am going to watch.
  • Commando 2 and Badlapur are the picks for my husband. He has watched both the movies however, we all like watching a re-run right. Commando Karanveer Singh Dogra played by Vidyut Jammwal is proficient in survival, weaponry, and hand-to-hand combat, the storyline revolves about how he along with his team decode the black money trail. Badlapur is a revenge story with Varun Dhawan as the protagonist.
  • Maine Pyaar Kiya or some old Bollywood classics like Teesri manzil – I would decide one of these on my mood. After watching a plethora of options this works for me for a light watch. Bollywood classics are evergreen with some great soothing music and great storyline. On the other hand, Maine Pyaar Kiya is my favorites as I am a huge Salman fan.
  • A far as the little one is concerned; we are going to watch some favorite music songs which she enjoys.

When you are spoilt for choice, planning always helps so you can cater to everyone’s liking’s. As a family we have immensely benefited with the ZEE5 Club pack subscription, its pocket friendly with good benefits. Have you brought ZEE5 Club pack then do share your favorites.


  1. Wow loved your list dear. Yes during weekends all in family have different choices and sometimes it becomes hard to maintain balance. I like the option of Maine pyar Kiya movie most as this one is my favorite too.

  2. Zee5 always comes up with great shows in various languages which are entertaining and interesting for its audience and we have already subscribed to their package to enjoy these shows.

  3. Badlapur is my favourite too. I love watching this movie.. apart from this other movies too are worth to watch.

    But I don’t like the Alt Balaji App.. I don’t know why.. ☺️☺️ Ekta Kapoor series..

  4. Zee5 indeed is a one stop platform for the whole family. But during weekends, it is indeed difficult to pick and choose one. So classics like Teesri Mazil, Maine Pyaar Kiya are such great option.

  5. Zee5 is upping the game with nice series. One of the series which i loved was “Chudail”, it was truly amazing. I will check out the more series recommended by you.

  6. Zee5 has such varied fare that encompasses so many genres and so many languages. Zee5 club pack seems to be a great way to enjoy all this engagement at such a reasonable cost, real value for money.

  7. ZEE5 is one of the only OTT platforms that has a lot of content to offer. That is great list of movies. I love watching series on Zee5 especially on weekends.

  8. There’s so much on offer in this s package, it’s just the right venue for not Stop entertainment.
    I would love to just keep watching it.

  9. ZEE5 Club pack seems like a bargain. It is so cool to get access to these amazing series and shows for such less price. Zee definitely has come up with such awesome shows.

  10. Well, well this club pack has some mad options for people that consume a lot of content. The best part is getting to watch old and new movies with the best quality. ZEE5 has indeed upped its game in the OTT sector.

  11. Hey these are all nice choices to binge watch on the weekend. I specially like the show Fitrrat, Krystle Dsouza performed pretty good in the show, remember the part where her rented apartment gets filled with water? Thanks for sharing the recommendations!

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