Happiness is…

Happiness; well take a pause for a second and think what comes to your mind when you think of this word.

When I think of it – small moments of life fluctuate in front of eyes which bring a smile on my face :). Various versions of dictionary specify “happiness,” as a sense or feel of joy, well-being or contentment. Its true right, what’s different is how we perceive it.

A lot has been said about the current situation and the challenges we are facing. For most of us, this is the first time we have witnessed such a thing. I pray continuously this should be the last. Nonetheless, if we look back; life has always thrown challenges in our journey to test us time and again. Our pursuit for happiness is never ending, in this maze and we start to associate happiness with materialistic gains. Achievements do give happiness but its temporary; what’s permanent lies within us.

I am a simple person who amidst these struggles is paving a path like everyone. For me, happiness is to feel loved and give love.

I feel happy in small moments of life…

When I spend time with my family, meet friends or simply speak to them over the phone. Few weeks back I reconnected with my MBA classmates over a zoom call, I was apprehensive while joining it because time had passed and we hadn’t spoken much to each other. When I joined the call I felt nothing has moved years have passed we were still the same, we chatted and chatted like earlier times.

Birthday celebrations during MBA time 🙂

I feel contented because of my loved ones…

Sometimes we feel overpowered by our challenges. We feel there is no road ahead. My loved ones have played a major role in changing my attitude towards these challenges. It’s not that I don’t get disheartened when I fail or fall down. I am a human I feel it. I learned from my husband don’t attach your happiness to something just enjoy this phase. Things will happen at the right time!

Masti time in Antalya…

I am learning the art of positivity…

Anaaya, my daughter is relentless in her efforts. I may scold her but she smiles back. She doesn’t give up. She may fall or get hurt but shortly she will come back to her smiling face, yes she is small but I feel she is teaching me the art of staying positive and never to give up.  If I smile back things won’t change but my outlook will surely change.

Mamma I need that cake right now…

I won’t say I have mastered it all. I am trying my best to reach my goals in this quest. I can say I am “Work in Progress.”

Till next time, do share your thoughts on what things make you happy or happiness in general.

This post is written for SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Ruchi Dipika


  1. Well said Mehek happiness is living gone moments again and again, this crisis made us realize that happiness can never be synced to materialistic things it is something beyond these. You are right Meeting old friends online is precious.

  2. Mahek, whenever I read you I feel a sweet fragrance of life and innocence. This is how you spread happiness all over through your pure heart and lovely writing. Lots of love for you. Loved the post.

  3. Such a lovely post dear and I agree that we get so much involved with the things or people and later on this attachment give us a feeling of disheartened when something wrong happen. Enjoy the phase and live in moment is best policy to be happy.

  4. Each phase in life brings something new for us to learn. Happiness is finding satisfaction in those moments.

    Learn to recognise true happiness, life is a blessing:)

  5. After participating in this challenge I have become more positive. I realised that small pleasures and time spent with family & loved ones gives us utmost happiness. Most of us have mentioned this in our posts.

    1. Yes so true. After reading so many thoughts and experiences I feel it’s been a great experience participating in this challenge, as you said feels very positive.

  6. Aawww you are such a sweetheart dear, such an heartfelt post, I nodded throughout in agreement and feel exactly the same

  7. This is a post full of love and warmth, thank you for sharing the memories with us, I am just looking at the happy faces. Thank you for joining the #Speakeasy Blogging Challenge with us.

    1. Thanks so much Dipika, it was great joining this challenge and read some fabulous posts which gave a very positive feel. ❤️

  8. Most of the times its the small moments that makes us happy not the huge events. Connecting with old friend, family get-together these are the moments we cherish.

  9. Yes a lotas been said about Happiness in this pandemic but I guess that is the thing which keeps us going. I also feel happy in small things of life.

  10. Kids are great teachers, even I am learning from my son to be happy no matter what. If only we get their secret power to forget negativity in seconds and be happy again. Loved the post. 🙂

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