5 Online Shopping Tips to save money

With the sale season mushrooming on your favorite online websites we all give away to our temptations of buying. Well if you have been eyeing a particular dress, watch, or a mobile phone it is a good time to succumb to your fancies and buy them.

I do a lot of online shopping during the sale season & try to save some bucks. Over the period; I have understood certain tips & tricks to save some additional money even during the “sale” period.

Without further ado, I share 5 tips and tricks which would help you with the same.

Cashback Offers –

Most of the online websites offer instant cashback on the usage of credit cards on payment mode; take complete benefit of it. Additional bucks means you can shop more 🙂

Also, many websites offer cashback on every purchase. The basic funda behind this is the e-commerce offer commissions to these websites to increase their user base. Check websites such as Intermiles, Rakuten, Payback, etc which helps to save some extra money.

Coupon Codes –

Banks and certain websites like CouponRaja.in, CouponDunia.in etc. offer coupon codes for additional discounts. You need to subscribe to these websites or check before the purchase if there for a valid coupon code.

Compare, Compare and Compare!

Compare the price of the products you wish to purchase on other websites. There are certain websites like mysmartprice.com, CompareRaja.in which have an option to compare various products prices on different e-commerce platforms. Don’t wait forever to decide though!

Download Apps

A lot of e-commerce sites have special offers on their respective apps which can prove useful. Additionally, with the notifications on you won’t miss any offers which the e-commerce website is having from time to time.

Keep a check on the social media pages of the E-commerce websites

E-commerce websites have offer of the day or daily deals which they share on their social media pages, keep a tab on them.

For offline End of Season Sales, check this post here for some do and don’ts.

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  1. An interest post on online shopping and which is cheaper than what is sold in Indian stores. I am a recent convert to digital online shopping with limits, though during the pandemic and wish was in India, right now. But, whenever I am back, will draw a leaf to shop. Digital is the only future of everything, in saving time and being productive.

  2. Nice topic u have selected now a days most of the People do online shopping…so it’s very important for everyone to know how to save money and get better deal

  3. Great tips dear and I follow most of the advice you had given here. Using coupon code is great way to get reduced price on expensive items .

  4. My husband do everything whatever the points you’ve listed above.. He always go on comparing the discount level at different sites offering the same… 🙂 It helps.

  5. Most of us are doing more of our shopping online these days. When someone know the secret ways to save, it can also be cheaper than shopping in stores. Thanks for sharing this amazing tips with us

  6. Interesting post. I am not online shopper but with your tips I am thinking to start online 🙂shopping. I will share your post with my shopoholic friends too. Thank u dear.

  7. I loved your tips Manisha and since shopping online is the only way to shop these days, I am surely going to emulate them too.

  8. Really good tips on saving the money during online shopping. We often tend to forget the voucher codes that are can be searched and found on some of the deal websites. And cashback offer seems good too.

    1. I was also thinking having a tab on the social media accounts is such a great tip. I have now started to follow some of them after reading your post so I can see if I can get some discounts there.

  9. These are the best tips for online shopping… I haven’t been shopping much ever since the lockdown started, but my brother does.. I will forward this to him!

  10. I use some of these tips during online shopping but never tried coupon codes from websites before. Wil have to check them.

  11. Oh yes online shopping is all about smart shopping. I use coupon codes and sales but I am going to try your other tips as well.

  12. Wow a blogger friend has also written a similar post on my blog but for traditional shopping. These are awesome tips on saving money while shopping online!!!

  13. I am huge on shopping and one hack I use is to shop only when the sale season is there. Also, comparing the prices on different sites is a good thing to do, especially knowing that many sites price the same product differently. Why pay more 🙂

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