#Book Review: Creative Kids – Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

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Genre: Parenting
Age group: 4 – 9 yrs old
Number of Pages: 82
Format: E-Book

About the Book:

As the name of the book suggests, this book is about doing different DIY, art and crafts and fun activities with your kids. Doing crafts with Mom was always fun since childhood and now I plan to carry the legacy forward to do such activities with my own daughter.

This book is a good learning tool for different activities. In Dr. Surbhi’s words, “I believe creativity is not only a hobby; it is a way of living life. With this book, I am trying to embrace creativity in your everyday life.” This is her sincere attempt throughout the book.

What I liked,  that there are different activities which can be done together with your kids using stuff which is readily available at home with the kids, it’s a great way of learning by doing it yourself. 

Further, the experience with Daniel Tiger Neighborhood TV series for kids is so relevant. We often have so many emotions but letting them out in the right way can bring in so much positivity. This chapter was one of my personal favourites.

The chapter on developing leadership qualities is so pertinent. With simple steps, the author has explained how we can develop 3C’s – co-operation, collaboration and communication which are essential parameters to help develop leadership qualities in a child.

Dr Surbhi has not only focussed on doing DIY and arts and crafts activities but she has related it to her daily life which makes it all the more relatable and interesting. She has also focussed on physical activities to keep children away from obesity through Youtube videos and Yoga. Plus activities such as visiting a zoo is also learning while having some fun.


The various activities teach the kids the following aspects –

🌟 How to make best out of waste i.e. importance of recycling.

🌟 You learn to value efforts because it’s your own hard work. 

🌟 You develop various skills – creativity, patience, teamwork, leadership, reading and many more.

🌟 A great way to keep children of today away from gadgets. 

🌟 Also, a good way to bond with your children and vice versa and spend some quality time together. It’s a great stress buster for both the parents and kids. 


Meet the Book

This E-Book is a wonderful collection of 26 easy Art, Crafts, DIY and fun activities for kids. These activities are simple, interesting and can be easily done with home supplies. It’s her first ebook and she is nervously excited to start her author journey. This book is her sincere effort to keep kids creatively engaged and help parents raising a creative child.


Meet the Author

Dr Surbhi Prapanna, a homoeopathic therapist by profession and a writer/ blogger by passion. With more than 4 years of professional writing experience, her work had been published on various prestigious online platforms like Momspresso.com, kidstoppress.com, cureJoy.com and shivanaspirit.com.


Overall, I will suggest all the mothers with small kids to go through this book as its a great guide for parents to teach their kids how to have fun while learning.


This review has been written as part of the Blogchatter – Book Review Program


  1. I am yet to review Surbhi’s book but I am sure it must be a wonderful read. and it will give many new ideas for parents.

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